Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was hoping to show you two more little chicks this morning but we found out the feed store won't be getting them in until Friday. So we'll have to wait two more days to bring home the last two.

I realize I never talked about us getting chickens on the blog before. It's something I've been thinking about for a few months but it felt like a big undertaking since it was new to us. After seeing my sister's chicks a few weeks ago, it made me want them even more and so we all decided last week that it was time!

We will have 4 chicks total. They should start laying eggs anywhere from 6 to 9 months from now. Having fresh eggs from chickens that feed on insects and whatever else they find in the yard is our main reason for wanting them. But secondly, they will be great pets for the boys. We've been wanting some type of pet for the boys to help take care of but we didn't really want a dog or cat right now so the chickens seemed perfect.

They will stay inside for about 6 weeks and then they'll be outdoors in our backyard. We'll build them a coop that is sturdy enough to keep out dogs, raccoons, and any other predator that might be out looking to score some food. They'll be kept in the coop unless we are outside to watch them and then they can walk and cluck around to their hearts content. I envision many chases between the chickens and the boys this summer.

Urban chicken keeping is becoming increasingly popular, especially here in Portland. The City Chicken is a great source as well as My Pet Chicken and many many others that show up on Google.

And yes we named them! That kind of seals the deal in my mind that they won't ever be showing up on our kitchen table as dinner. :-)

Ian's found the perfect place to hold Emmaline.

Little Miss Clover is a little lethargic today. We noticed that she slept all day yesterday which is pretty normal for one-day-olds, especially considering she was shipped in the mail, but she should have been a little more awake today. Instead she doesn't even want to walk much. So I talked to my sister who said she needed some mush (chicken feed and water mixed) just to get some nourishment in her. She's been eating a little of it and has had a good amount of water and I've noticed she's perking up just a bit. Hopefully by tomorrow she'll be feeling even stronger!


And now a little stop motion courtesy of Ian....

'Dinosaur Rex' sees a tasty treat and begins stalking Emmaline.

Emmaline, unafraid, turns to face the challenge

With her lightening quick moves she takes down Dinosaur Rex in one fell swoop.

The End.


I'm sure there will be lots more adventures. I'm not sure Dinosaur Rex can be taken out that easily!



Karli said...

That's such a cute story. Taking this a step further, you could make a little photo book w/ a fictional story for the boys using shutterfly. Your chicks are so cute, and I hope Clover is on the mend. Those are the cutest names, and I remember loving the name Clover when I was thumbing through baby name books months ago...

Justin Cardinal said...

I wish I could see them in person, but I will have to wait for summer ... will they stay outside in the winter? Maybe that is why we don't see all that many out here.

Andrea said...

Great idea Karli!

Justin... yes they stay outside during winter, even snow. Depending on how cold I know you can insulate their coop or put in a heat lamp. I wish you could see them now too, they'll be grown by summer!

Andrea said...
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The Lehmans said...

How fun! My Aunt Sheri has talked about getting chickens. I'll have to tell her about your adventure with them. They are just too cute!