Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome sun...

It's been two and a half weeks since I've even looked at this space. I've thought about it occasionally but there have been so many things keeping us busy that I let the thoughts drift on by. What a beautiful late May it's been around here. Absolutely gorgeous, near perfect weather. We have spent more time outside these past two weeks than the entire first part of the year combined I believe.

There's been a lot of sliding, digging holes in the dirt, bike riding, and especially playing in water. I'm not sure there's anything better than a couple containers of water and lots of little cups and bottles to fill up and dump out again and again.

Ian realized early on that he could make a pretty mean mud hole and send his Lego guy swimming in it (with the sharks and crocodiles no less!).

And Sawyer, never one to be left out, continues to wow us with his ability to get completely dirty within minutes of wandering outside. And it always, always, shows up on his face first.

There's also been a lot of cooking and a lot of sewing going on around here (really... I can't believe how much having a sewing space helps). If this is a preview of summer... it's going to be a really great couple of months.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday baby

A birthday banner....

Delicious food full of goodness with lots of family members to enjoy...

And one tired but completely satisfied boy, all make for a great birthday party over the weekend.


My baby is 2 years old today.... (dirt-streaked face and all)

Two years ago, just about time...

Born at 2:42 am in a bath of warm water....

Relaxing with Dad on the porch at barely a week old...

And showing off for a very tired mama...

Happy 2nd birthday Sawyer... we love you more than words can say.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A few more things to share

My antique-dealer neighbor is having a garage sale (Seriously! And she has a booth at my favorite antique store) and it reminded me that I had a few more things to share from this post.


A small quilt.. perfect for picnics or anything involving the boys. It's in good condition but not so delicate that I'm afraid they will tear it.

An old egg basket that is currently holding fabric scraps in my new sewing room. I love these old baskets because they can collapse and fold to lay completely flat yet they stand open on their own too.

An old teapot and tablecloth... just because.

And another plant stand, painted blue. I can't decide if it will join my other one outside or stay inside and hold a lamp or plant or whatever else I can come up with. But I love it's shape.

And lastly... not an antique... but a birthday sign I've been working on all week. We are celebrating Sawyer's 2nd birthday tomorrow with a big family BBQ and I really wanted something special to hang on the wall. The letters are inset, cut from the green fabric and stitched to the colored fabric beneath. It's so close to being done... just a little bias tape at the top to tie them all together.


Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Grandma

A couple of weeks ago we were finally able to put up a new play structure in place of the old one we had torn down two years ago. Remember how sad Ian looked? But he's thrilled now to have a new sturdy play set with an actual working ladder he can climb up. Not to mention that he now has a brother he can share it with! Grandma Bonnie in NY has requested pictures so these are for you Grandma!

The whole set... It has two covered areas which are perfect for hiding out or enjoying lunch. We are still working on getting a ground cover and making it look a little more tidy. In the meantime, we are hoping the grass returns since a lot of it has been eaten by our chickens when they had full backyard access.

Many important conversations go on in here.

Lots of strategizing and planning... especially over apple slices.

Not to mention, silly looks at mom who keeps taking their picture.

Half-eaten apples with tiny two-year-old teeth marks are left behind in various corners.

And even Henry the cat is enjoying new places to sun himself and sleep.

Now, if only the rain would let up just a little so we can go out and play on it again...