Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend finds

With all the rain coming down, a busy week behind us and one coming up, I decided that I had fully earned a few hours out by myself. I quickly called my grandma to see if she wanted to join me and off we went. I was in the mood to find something and knew the thrift store just wouldn't do. So we headed to the nearby antique store. We walked in to find their back room stuffed full of goodies in their (surprise!) annual home and garden event. I nearly went weak-kneed and found my heart pounding trying to take in everything. I told myself to calm down and to stay focused as a list of needs started running through my head... birthdays... my new sewing room... the newly painted front room. I walked slowly at first trying to think of what I needed but quickly became overwhelmed. I decided I couldn't take everything in in one simple pass... so we took four. And then I went back the next day and the next until I finally declared on Monday that I no longer needed to go back. I had looked at every single thing there was to look at and felt happy with my few purchases. I even showed restraint talking myself out of the ones that, you know, I really didn't need. Here's just a few of the things that I did need... for spring ya'll.

A new yellow apron

A wooden box for crayons... the packaged tin just wasn't working out anymore.

A wire basket full of wooden clothes hangers and spools (I think the boys and I can come up with a few creative things for these).

Pillowcases. I've slowly been collecting these vintage pillowcases with embroidery stitching over the past couple of years. Nearly all I've found are in great condition. I don't even need there to be a matching twin which makes it fun to mix and match. This yellow tulip however came with a twin and they are probably my favorite pair so far.

I saw this wooden flower box right away. It sits perfectly on the front porch.

See? All must-haves. I'll show you the rest in the next blog post.



Loris said...

what a great blog with such great images and nice words. thanks

Adam and Raechell said...

So pretty. :) Isn't it fun making a house more and more homey!?!?! Those are such creative and decorative ways to store items like crayons and craft projects. Every little piece special. I love these new items in your home. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful!

tonia said...

i want that flower box. really bad.

argh. living in the land of no thrift stores is getting on my nerves.

maybe i should hire you to be my personal shopper. :)

Linda said...

I'm proud of you - what great choices you made. I tend to feel overwhelmed at great sales like that too and end up wandering aimlessly around. I think you had a good system.
I love them all. I'll let Tonia have the flower box (if she must) and I'll take the pillow cases!! :)

Julie said...

I love how all of us women can just picture ourselves wandering through the store overwhelmed and excited all at once ... I wish I were there shopping with you is all - perhaps I should just take claim to the apron and call it a day!
Love ya!

Andrea said...

Well I'm so glad you are all playing nice and willing to share! heehee

Thank you... I love having them around the house. They really do brighten up the room and I love looking at them!

Heather said...

I love that flower box planter!
That was a must-have!
Great choices all around