Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Things that have been accomplished so far this week:

Signing Ian up for a spring soccer class.
Baking brownies and consuming them while watching American Idol.
1 load of laundry

Things still needing attention:

8 loads of laundry
The front living room that is completely out of order because I thought I was actually going to start painting it last weekend but haven't yet. See?

2 bathrooms that need a scrub down
Grocery shopping
Flowers waiting to be potted
Getting to the fabric store so I can start sewing the things I need to get done by next month (there's a 2nd birthday coming soon!)
Getting outside
Mopping the floors

But it will all have to wait until this one starts feeling better.

When he doesn't feel well he doesn't sleep. So naps are out unless I'm holding and breastfeeding him. And he will only sleep in our bed at night with his head on my shoulder and his feet kicking Jeremy at random times. He doesn't eat either which makes me thankful I'm still nursing him. Doctor says he's fine... just needs to get through the fever. In the meantime... we are all about lounging around and reading books. Thank goodness we have plenty of those.



Adam and Raechell said...

It all has a way of getting done... somehow. Amazingly. Hoping Sawyer is well soon and you can all get some much needed sleep. Much love.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Hope Sawyer is feeling better. Sounds like someone has some busy times ahead. Maybe, just maybe, Jeremy could lend a hand.
(I'm sure he does). Love Dad

Julie said...

Poor guy ... Sydney is down for the count as well - soon it will be over!

Tasha Lehman said...

It's a good thing the laundry and floors can wait! That poor little sad face needs you more than they do!

Betsy said...

We love books too! My favorite discovery this year having Will in public school is the Scholastic book order forms that come home in his backpack every month. The books are at great, discounted rates and his teacher gets points based on what her students order so SHE can order books. My boys wait eagerly each month for their bag of brand new books. It's like Christmas!