Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If we could have lived outside this past week we would have. The sun has been out, not a cloud in the sky. Even the impending forecast of rain showers in the morning doesn't feel so bad after all that sun.

We bought a new chicken coop this past month. Our old one was stationary and while it worked well this past year, we quickly realized that 3 chickens can produce a lot of chicken poop and cover a lot of ground since any spot will do when the need arises. So we decided to sell our stationary coop and buy a movable chicken tractor (picture gallery here). Now the chickens are kept in the chicken tractor all the time where they have a roost, nest boxes, and an open floor with plenty of access to the ground. We move it around the yard every week so they'll get plenty of fresh grass and bugs but we can also control where the poop lands. Now we can run around bare foot outside again!

Ian and Sawyer's favorite thing is to check for eggs inside the nest box. We tend to lose several eggs a week this way since little hands like to drop them in the bucket instead of placing them gently inside but they love gathering them so much that it's worth a few cracked shells.

And Ian's newest discovery... climbing trees.

While the boys were soaking in the sunshine I was inside painting. After 4 days it's nearly done. There's blue paint still inside the windows and I'm planning on taking down the blinds and putting up curtains instead but it's so close to being done. It's like a breath of fresh air to walk in there now. I love the color.

This weekend we'll be putting my sewing room together... yes, a sewing room! I'm so happy that I smile every time I think about it. I'll post pictures when it's done.



Linda said...

A moveable chicken coop; what a great idea!!
I love the pictures of those little guys enjoying the great outdoors. I have a granddaughter that loves to find a good sturdy tree with a comfortable branch for sitting and reading a favorite book.
The room looks so light and airy. I love the rug too!
Have a blessed weekend Andrea. We leave tomorrow morning to spend time with the five grands. Can't wait!!

Julie said...

The color looks so nice and fresh! How many eggs are you getting now? Wish I were coming out soon!