Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eggs, Sun, and Good Friday

I realized a few weeks ago that we didn't need to create our own decorated eggs for Easter because our chickens were doing it for us. It's amazing and beautiful what nature provides outside of the plastic egg carton in the grocery store. Somehow I'm not sure this second one would have made the cut to be shipped and sold... we'll happily take it though!


Our weather this last weekend was beautiful. And while we are back to the rain for a bit it feels like summer really could be here in a couple of months. We took advantage of the beautiful days and spent most of our time outdoors.

The boys got plenty of sun while helping us plant some of the vegetable seeds....

.... following the chickens around the yard...

... and helping each other with their shoes in a big pile of dirt.

Then we came inside for smoothies and homemade muffins. Sawyer has mastered the art of buttering and enjoys it far more than the actually eating.


Tomorrow is Good Friday. Ian and I have had a few bedtime conversations lately about Jesus and what He did for us on that day so many years ago. He listened intently and was so heartbroken when I told him that Jesus had died there, on the cross. And we were both relieved when I could tell him the good news... that Jesus rose again and is alive today. I hope we can make our own easter garden tomorrow. I love a good art visual and since Ian has gardening on the brain, what better representative to illustrate what Good Friday and Easter Sunday are about.



Linda said...

Andrea - that egg is just amazing! I think you're right - but just imagine the amazing omlette you can make with it.
The boys are so sweet. I can just picture that bedtime conversation with Ian. What a joy to share the gospel message with our own little ones. I love his tender heart.
Wishing all of you a blessed and joyous Easter.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Eggs, muffins, sandals and shorts. I think I want to be there, not to mention the two sweetest little men west of the Mississippi (east also). Thanks for the pics and hope you have a wonderful Easter as we rejoice "He is risen".

Adam and Raechell said...

What a beautiful post. :) The eggs are so pretty. The boys are so fun to watch! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see pictures as your new garden grows.