Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Ian grew up this past week. It was more like 2 days really. He is now an official underwear-ing member of society. We waited 4 years and 1 month but it only took 2 days. He's officially potty trained!

I was told it could happen like that. I was told it would happen like that if we waited until he was ready. So we waited... and waited... and waited. About once every 6 months I would spend a morning trying to get him to sit on the toilet but he would have none of it. Some days I would ask him and he would refuse politely. And so we waited.

I was perfectly fine waiting until he's ready. It's kind of how we've ended up parenting in every other area too so it seemed natural to just wait it out with him. Plus... the stories I heard from people about the accidents and the hours spent day after day trying to convince them to sit on the toilet was enough to scare me out of rushing him.

I decided last week would be a good time to try again, just to see if he was willing. Within a day I could see this time was different. By the very next day it was no longer me asking him but him telling me that he needed to go. By the 3rd morning, it all clicked, just like that. It's been a week and 1/2 now since we began and he hasn't had an accident since day 2. And not only that but by day 4 he had potty trained himself at night, completely. We don't even need to remind him any more, he does his business by himself and tells us afterward. And the best part? No bribing was needed.

What a difference 4 makes. I look at Sawyer who is nearly 2 and can't imagine trying to make him potty train. The comprehension level is just so different. I imagine, like most kids who start young, that he would eventually get it but it would look quite different than it did with Ian. All the waiting, all the swallowing my pride and knowing that we were doing best by him by waiting until he was ready... all of it... was worth the wait.

Ian seems so much older now... much more independent. He wants to do more and more things on his own now. I know this transition was a big deal in his mind and I can tell that it's made a positive effect on him and how he sees himself.

What a gift and joy he is to us. He and I played some simple card games yesterday while Sawyer took a nap and I love knowing that we'll have many many more afternoons like that together.



Linda said...

What a sweet, wise Mama you are Andrea. You learned with child number one what I didn't figure out until child number two. It really is so much easier just to wait until they are ready.
Tell him he's done a great job! He is looking very grownup these days.

Adam and Raechell said...

CONGRATULATIONS IAN! You are getting so big! :D

Bonnie and Fred said...

Ian, we are so proud of you. You are growing up so fast I don't know if I can keep up. And the pics make you look so grown up. We love you. Grandma and Grandpa.

Betsy said...

We waited with Will, but he was just under 3 when he was fully trained, even at nighttime within 2 weeks. Hunter is so not good with it. He pees but won't go #2 on the toilet. Your post was so encouraging for me to read, because I've gotten so much flack from people about him being 3 1/2 and not potty trained yet...yet I know, since we did it with Will that waiting until he's ready truly is the best way to go. Kudos to you and GREAT JOB, IAN!