Sunday, March 29, 2009

Springing ahead

Nearly two weeks of varying degrees of coughing and runny noses and we are finally emerging from the fog. I had been feeling like we had gotten away with something this winter since none of us had been sick until this but clearly we didn't. Although I have certain hopes of making it all winter and spring next year without a single sniffle. Wouldn't that be nice?

While the boys came up with the housebound adventures of Indiana Jones (which is pretty cute since they've never actually seen the movies), I let the blogging, painting, and general housework go and spent my time wiping noses and devouring this book. It's one I really recommend if you are interested.

We also planted some heirloom tomato seeds indoors which began to sprout just a few days ago.

I have two types of tomatoes seeds from Abundant Life Seeds here in Oregon. Stupice tomatoes and Red Currant cherry tomatoes. I'll be starting a lettuce blend soon and the rainbow swiss chard after that. The rest I'll get as starter plants at the nursery. Ian and I talk about the vegetable garden nearly every day and about all the things we want to plant. He was nearly as excited as I was when we saw the first little shoot from our tomatoes. This is our first time starting with indoor seeds so we're hoping at least one survives the transplant to the outdoors. We have most of the soil we need for our garden beds so hopefully the sun shines long enough this week to finish them.

For today though... the windows are open and we are happily breathing in the fresh air and getting back to normal life.



Adam and Raechell said...

What a cute pic of Sawyer! :)
I am in the same place, Andrea! :O I'm totally in planting mode. What is that??? We still have another month here before we can move things outside, but it makes the inside feel more and more like spring! I love it. :) Your buds are so cute. I'm sure they will last and you'll have the most wonderful garden. :D

Linda said...

That is the cutest Indiana Jones I have ever seen. Precious!
I'm glad you're all feeling better. What could be nicer than windows wide open to let in the beautiful spring breezes?
It's exciting to see all of this new life bursting forth all around us.
I'm glad you're back - missed you!

Bonnie and Fred said...

The plants are fine, but I would like to go on record as saying 'SAWYER IS ONE COOL LOOKING DUDE.' Grandpa Fred