Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buying in bulk

On Monday, the boys and I took a leisurely drive in the wet snowfall out to my sister's house for our bulk food pick up. Every few months we place an order with a local company here in the NW where we can buy organic, natural food mostly in bulk and with better prices than the grocery stores. It comes in on a semi-truck and we gather around the back huddled in our coats waiting to load the boxes into the back of our vehicle. The boys love it when we get home and start to open all the boxes to see what's inside.

We get all sorts of dried beans, rice, oats, nuts, seeds, and gluten free flours. As well as honey, agave nectar, gf/df chocolate chips and the list goes on. I'm slowly building my basement pantry and I'm almost at the place where my weekly grocery trip is only needed to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishables. Maybe even less if I get my garden going this spring.

All of this reminds me of the little articles, blog posts, and websites that I keep seeing lately on the art of homemaking. I'm excited that there is a purposeful return to keeping a home and taking care of those that live there. And most importantly that it's okay to enjoy it.

I'm always surprised to find that everything takes effort and hard work to be done well. Taking pride in writing a grocery list or making sure the laundry is sorted day after day isn't easy unless you realize who you are doing it for and that you are doing it because you love them. I take care of my home because I love creating that sense of home for my family.

This is my 3rd time ordering our food staples this way and I'm still trying to get it right. I seem to order too much of one thing and not enough of another. But I know it just takes time to figure out exactly what my family needs. Maybe in another 3 orders I'll have it down and then I can move on to learning something else. But what seems difficult in the beginning can become second nature over time. That's how I feel about most things, especially concerning this house and what it takes to create a home here. I know it's worth the day to day effort and I'm so encouraged that others do as well.



Chris said...

Hey Andrea, how much did a haul like you've pictured cost?

Linda said...

I love reading posts like this one Andrea. I am drawn to everything domestic too. What greater calling than being a homemaker for those we love. I look back and wish I had done a better job of it, but I'm still learning even at my "great" age. I feel sure you will get it all down to manageable size before long.
Thank you for sharing this.

Adam and Raechell said...

It must be so fun when the truck comes and you get to restock! :D
I'm so glad that you love what you do...and you really do it so well! You are a great mom! ;)