Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A bit of sunshine on a rainy day

We are in full spring mode around here with grey skies and lots and lots of rain. So much so that any tiny hint of blue skies and sun has us all running for the outdoors to soak it up.

I worked on a couple projects over the weekend and they turned out so bright and cheery they're already helping me through the upcoming forecast of more grey skies. This first one, a crocheted handbag, I started here and sewed the lining in yesterday. The second project, a fabric trimmed cork board (in the background) took me a few hours on Saturday morning.

This bag was so fun to make and really quite easy. It's just single crochet stitches, increasing and decreasing in various places to make the bottom and the straps. Pattern here.

I sewed fabric on the inside to line it which not only looks great but helps keep the bag from stretching. I've been wanting to make this for awhile now to have something to carry my yarn projects in wherever I go.

I started the second project when I wanted a corkboard in the play area of our living room where the boys could put up pictures they've drawn, pictures we find of animals or places, or just anything interesting we want to look at. I decided to use some fabric I already had to trim the wood edges for a little character since the wood made the whole thing a little blah.

I used a staple gun to secure the fabric on the back and then pushed the fabric between the corkboard and wood frame with a thin nylon scraper (you could use anything, I just happen to see this in the kitchen and it worked great because it was thin, sturdy, and didn't puncture the fabric). I added a little glue to the corners to help the fabric stay in place.

I pinned a few handmade quilt flowers up from a cutter quilt my next door neighbor gave me to add a little more color. It's the perfect height for the boys and I'm excited to see what fun things they will come up with to display.



Adam and Raechell said...

Oh, My, Gosh! :D I love them all! LOL I saw the bag and went...she's crocheting!!!!! The bag turned out gorgeous and I love the lining fabric. What a great job you did. ;)

I love a decorated cork board. It turned out so pretty. The flowers add a special touch.

Thanks for sharing! :D I love seeing projects that not only help around the house, but are enjoyable to make as well.

Linda said...

Andrea - what wonderful work!!! I do love those quilted flowers. They add just the right splash of color to our great board.
I'm printing out that pattern for the bag. I'm not a great crocheter, but that bag is just too cute.
We wouldn't mind if you sent some of that rain our way. We did get good rain last week, but we need so much more to recover from this 18 month drought. So...send it on down!
Please give Tonia a hug and tell her I miss her!