Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Goodbye slide...

We said goodbye to our slide and play set yesterday. It was bittersweet because my dad built this wooden structure 20 years ago. It's seen many happy days and held armfuls of laughing kids. But it was old. So old it was leaning to the right and each of the wooden dowels used in the ladder had broken. The only sturdy and useable thing on it anymore was the slide. And Ian loves to slide. But she had to go...along with the dying tree in the back corner.

Ian watched in horror as the 2 young men took machetes to the structure. Their saw had broken so they used the machete or the chopped tree trunk to disassemble it. Ian had woken up by this time and I struggled with letting him watch the tear down or letting him walk out back one day and seeing it gone. I let him watch. And he did, with a mixture of complete horror and total awe.

After crying for his slide he finally gave in to the inevitable.

Now new plans can be made. We will have new trees and a brand new wooden play structure this spring. One that he can climb into without a broken ladder and one that doesn't lean to the right. And by then, there will be two little boys to play on the new slide and make new memories.



Jeremy & Andrea said...

We will definitely be getting a replacement for the play structure... the new one will be much more suitable for my two boys. -JC

Karli said...

What a sad day. Can't wait to see the new one. You have to make sure Ian is home to watch the new structure built. He'll love watching that. So, your Dad built it 20 years ago? Has this house been in the family longer than your sister owned it? --Karli

Jeremy & Andrea said...

It was at my dad's house first and then they moved it here when my sister bought this house.

And after seeing the massacre with the machete he will definitely have to watch the new one go up! Poor guy...I felt awful but I still thought it was better for him to watch it go then to have it suddenly disappear one day.

Adam and Raechell said...

I agree with letting him see it come down. It would have been a total shock to him when he finally did see it. He will be just as excited to see the new one go up! Won't that be a fun day!:)