Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ian and Dad at the Park

Hey everyone, this is Jeremy posting for a change... Andrea has the night off. :) Last week Ian and I went to the Rose City Park just down the street from us to enjoy the dry fall days while we still have them. Here is Ian at the start of our adventure, geared up to brave the cool air, the leaves, and any squirrels who are foolish enough to cross our path.

Here is the park with all it's merriment waiting for us. I am not sure why, but we basically had the place to ourselves the whole time so we could really do as we pleased.
As soon as we got to the park, a squirrel ran right by us (there were tons of them in the park) and Ian immediately gave chase.
We followed him over to this tree where we got creepily close to him. He was watching Ian intently as we stood there, actually making me nervous that we were about to see that squirrel's nut up close and leaping at us. He stayed put, so we left him alone.
Next, we hit the swings where Ian enjoyed the magic of the "underdog" technique that dad's have handed down from generation to generation.
Ian and I running around on the tennis courts...
Next we collected a bunch of pine cones and climbed up this little hill next to the courts. We proceeded to throw said cones at anything that we could hit... including some bewildered squirrels. Here Ian is impressed with my throw that hit the light pole and let out a deep "dong" sound.
Ian showing his amazing technique - I guess he is a "righty".
Ian running back toward me on the soccer pitch after chasing some birds... if you either hum the "Chariots of Fire" theme or do the Million Dollar Man bionic sound it makes this picture come alive.
On the teeter-totter... the lamest play device ever invented.
Ian striking a pose.
So, for our next endeavor we collected a bunch of acorns and climbed to the top of the slide. You can simply slide down anytime, but with no one around we were able to throw acorns down without regard for any innocent passersby.
Now that the acorns were all on the ground, we of course had to throw them back up the slide to watch them slide back down.
It started to rain, so eventually our playtime came to an end. Here is Ian taking off his shoes at the front door.
A satisfied kid after a great day at the park.



our family said...

He had so much fun that day! I'm not sure there is anything better to a little boy than running in the rain with his dad and throwing acorns at things.

Adam and Raechell said...

Alex and I read this post together and her words at the last pic??? Ian looks just like Uncle Jeremy...he's cute. :D Uncle Jeremy, you get the thumbs up from your niece!

Bonnie and Fred said...

There is a law against having too much fun and it appears you guys are in violation. Great pictures of my grandson, keep them coming.

The Lehmans said...

We just took a visit to the park a couple of weeks ago and introduced the boys to the underdog push! How fun. And I'm glad to see that you are teaching your son the basics, like throwing acorns at innocent little animals...priceless.