Friday, April 11, 2008

Week in review and then we're off!

Happy Friday! We've had another busy week around here and we are a few minutes away from taking off for the weekend so I thought I would jump on and post a few pictures.

The boys and I seemed to be really tired on Tuesday and I knew we needed to do something outside despite the cold and wet. So I grabbed a camera and a nature journal and took the boys out for a walk. It was the perfect day to go puddle jumping. It took us awhile to find some good ones but Ian didn't seem to mind.

It's amazing how even 5 minutes outdoors can turn a mood around even though we ended up getting caught in a downpour, mixed with hail, about a mile from our house. You can imagine the scene as I attempted to run home...for a the rain...with two unhappy kids. Still I was happy we went out and happy still to be home where we were all warm and in fresh clothes and feeling refreshed.


And this little one will be 11 months old tomorrow! In this last month he started waving goodbye, playing peek-a-boo, and singing. He's talking more and more and has Dada down really well but just stares at me blankly when I say Mama Mama over and over again. One more month and he's 1!

And this:

is all the yummy food I'm packing for our little weekend getaway to Seattle. The energy cookies and crispy bars are from my favorite Vegan book and are packed full of pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, cranberries, and all other sorts of goodies. Fresh fruit is always good and extremely portable and lately we've been loving black mission figs. Get them in the bag...they are really moist and really really good (and good for you too!).

We are on our way to a Green Festival ! We thought it would be fun to take the boys and see what 'green' products and new ideas are out there. I can't wait to share it all with you when we get back! Have a wonderful weekend.



Bonnie and Fred said...

I love that shot of "Mr Puddle Jumper" and Sawyer is growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing.

Justin Cardinal said...

I am jeleous of your trip ... I can't wait to hear about everything. Have a great time. The boys are just so big ... I still can't believe Sawyer is almost 1 or that you haven't even seen Asher yet. CRAZY!

Adam and Raechell said...

How cool is that shot of Ian jumping?!?! :p I can't wait for Adam to see it. He's going to laugh.
Wow, a 1 year old. Holy cow. Already? I agree with Justin....that's just crazy.
Have fun on your trip, can't wait to hear all about the new info you discover.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I wanted to tell you that I was totally inspired by your decision to go outside even though the weather wasn't so great and your kids dirty jeans. Sometimes with all girls I am reticent to have everyone get dirty. It just sounds like so much work to get them clean again. Then yesterday our church was going to go to a field to play soccer and I decided this was a great chance to let them get dirty if they wanted to so I picked out clothes that I didn't care so much about and tried my best to "not care". It was so hard for me but we all had a great day and in retrospect they didn't get all that dirty so it wasn't as much work as I feared it would be.

Anyways, thanks for the inspiration!