Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun in a box

The boys woke up bright and early this morning ready to start the week. They are feeling better but still have the whole lingering icky nose thing. I hope that's on it's way out very soon too. In the meantime I found an old box and they spent the morning climbing in and out and playing all sorts of games in it. They are starting to really play well together and it makes me even more excited for this summer.

If you look closely in this picture you can see Sawyer's two front teeth!

While the boys played with their box, I got out my sewing machine and decided to alter the new curtains I bought over the weekend. On a whim, I bought yellow curtains for my new blue room... and I really like it. It's a different color scheme than I usually lean towards but I've been feeling a need to branch out, to try something new. The colors make me cheerful and will be perfect for those sunny days that I know are coming. The curtains were a bit too long so I cut and re-hemmed them. They still need a few more adjustments but I'll take a picture when they are finished.

Over the weekend I found this blog and ended up reading through all 9 years (so far) of journal entries. I'm fascinated and in total awe at the dedication and hard work this couple have put in to this 270 year old home. If you have's worth a good look.



Annagrace said...

I will have to check out that blog--there's still a part of me that could move back to the South in a heartbeat! The old homes full of history and stories, the amazing food, the rolling hills with all that sky, the perfect autumns full of brilliant color and crisp, frosty mornings... I miss it.

Karli said...

Hey Andrea, You might already know how much late 19th/early 20th century homes interest me. This blog could be a helpful resource for us. We had a hell of a time finding a good resource on restoring our window sashes. Landon's going to take photos & make blog entries through the process of restoring the next window sash. Oh, and I'm with Annagrace...I often think of moving to the old south as well.

Karli said...

I just realized that the Enon blog is a blog I used to read! I'll link them on my blog. When we bought this house 2 years ago, I was reading their sections on restoring window sashes. They rock! I love wood purists!

Adam and Raechell said...

LOL...the boys are adorable. Let me tell you, it takes years for kids to outgrow the love of an empty box. :D Our girls still get excited by them. Even if they aren't big enough to crawl in, they like making them a new building in their barbie village or a new bed for one of their cabbies. That's the something only a kid can see in a's anything and everything all at once and it can morph right before your eyes into something different all the time. Classic kid play caught on film.
The boys are just beautiful!
Loving the smiles and new teeth! :D

Savannah, Georgia is one of my favorite US cities because of the older homes and history, that blog will be a great read, I'm sure.

Andrea said...

I know I love those old historical homes too. Something about restoring the old is so beautiful. I found myself dreaming of Enon Hall and how fun it would be to grow up in a place like that.

Thanks Shelly...the boys love it when I bring out those boxes. I keep trying to come up with other things like that to keep for when we are bored and looking for things to do.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I have to confess that right after I read your post this morning (my kids love boxes, too!) I clicked over there and, in between other chores, read all of their journal entries today. It was so interesting. I even teared up in a few places. It makes me want to keep going with the repairs that I want to do in our home.

Thanks for letting us know!