Monday, April 28, 2008

While we wait...

Smoothies, dinosaurs, and cowboy hats for breakfast this morning. Yum... I'll take the smoothie, thanks.

Our weekend was full and so nice because the weather was beautiful and just the pick-me-up we needed since it's raining again today.
On Friday we went to a salvage garden sale at a nearby antique shop. I found just the right little bookcase for the little spot wedged in between the couch and the rocking chair. It was just in time too because the next morning I went to our county library used book sale and bought a stash of books (52 but really, who's counting?) that needed a new home.

Yesterday was Thai food and a little stroll down Alberta Street... a really good weekend.

And now we wait. Trying to be patient, until tomorrow, when this little jewel will be needed. Can you guess what it is besides a handy little drum for little boys?

I'll tell you tomorrow...with pictures!



Bonnie and Fred said...

Is it a holder for Ian's markers?

Andrea said...

No... but that's a good guess!