Monday, April 14, 2008

Going Green in Seattle

We're back! We had a wonderful weekend in Seattle. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday and the rain held off on Sunday until we were in our car on the way home.

The Green Festival was exactly what I'd hoped for. Lots and lots of information. So many companies who are fighting for sustainability in their products and for our environment. There were booths covering everything from food to cleaning products to 'green' building materials. There were handmade bags and clothing made from hemp and organic cottons and even some made from recycled plastic bags. We brought back a huge stack of magazines to flip through, lots of brochures, and several purchases.

Aside from being very crowded, the boys had a great time. We spent about 2 hours there each day and that was their limit. Here's lots of pictures from the trip...

The boys enjoying lunch. They ate vegan dogs which were surprisingly good (made of grains) and gives us another option for BBQing this summer.

Can you see how happy I am at the Raw Vegan booth? I found coconut butter, cocoa butter, raw cacao powder and nibs. And at much better prices than I've seen online or at our health stores. I talked with the owner of RawVegan Source for quite awhile. He's such a nice man and said he's planning on being at Portland's VegFest next month so I'll be able to stock up again then..

On the second day we realized it would be easier to maneuver around people without the stroller. So I put on my Ergo and Sawyer fell fast asleep, not disturbed by the noise. Ian and I are looking at a bag handmade in Nepal made from candy wrappers and juice containers! The colors were beautiful. Each wrapper or container was rolled around a reed and woven like a basket. Such a creative idea in recycling!

Jeremy and Ian looking at some of the displays.

He's either confused and trying to figure out what this is or he finds the costume rather boring.
After leaving the Convention Center on Sunday we went to Pike Place Market.

Someone was offering free hugs so we took him up on it. I'm not sure Ian was in the mood for one though.

Ian got to touch a fish's eye at the City Fish stand.

Ian enjoying some honey at the market. (New stoller by the way...Ian's standing in the back!)

Once I gather my thoughts and get things back in order, I'll post about some of the things that really stuck with me at the festival.



tonia said...

it looks wonderful! can't wait for the vegfest. :) (10 years ago i never would have said that sentence! *grin*)

meg and i tried vegan burritos from FM nutrition section yesterday....yummmy. good for if you need something fast and portable.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Looks like you had a great family outing. Such good pictures of all of you! We love seeing the boys doing their "thing". Their expressions are adorable.