Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They're here!

Ian won't leave their side because we just can't stop looking at them.

Let me introduce to you:


and Clover

Clover is a Black Australorp

Emmaline is a Buff Orpington

And that thing I mentioned yesterday? Is a little chick feeder.

More pictures to come. Ian keeps telling me they are sad and want to get out so I guess some cuddling is in order. And really, who can blame them at one day old. *cheep* *cheep*



Adam and Raechell said...

These are so adorable. Ian and Sawyer must be in heaven having them to play with. LOL
Sam's third grade teacher gets in eggs every year from a local farm and they raised them for weeks. I would stop in and take pics with Alex in tow so that they both got to experience this.
Did you get these so that you could have fresh eggs?
Full grown they look so beautiful. (Which is sort of weird to say about a chicken, but seriously...lovely yellow chicken! LOL)

Adam and Raechell said...
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Justin Cardinal said...

What a new fun adventure. I am always intriged by the things you do and love that you are creating such a wonderful envioronment for your family to grow in. Can't wait until summer when the kids can play ... I wish it were tomorrow. SO cute!

Karli said...

Hi Andrea,
Brings back memories from my farm girl days. I wonder if Jeremy remembers? Where will you keep them when they are older? How will you build the outdoor pen? I bet there isn't a chance of coyotes in your neighborhood. We have some that roam around in ours. The chicks are so cute, and your boys have one creative and devoted mama.
See you next week.

David said...

So much for not naming them. :-) Great fun though! Makes me want to revisit my goat idea for controlling weeds and blackberries.