Friday, May 2, 2008


Little Miss Clover is gone.

She died just a little bit ago in my hands.

We knew it was probably coming. Even though she seemed to perk up a bit after I got her to eat a little, she still never ate on her own or drank unless I dipped her beak into the water. She didn't walk much either and, after the first day, she couldn't hold her own weight when we tried to get her to stand.

I spoke with the feed store owner this morning about her and he said she would probably die soon. I guess this can happen every now and then with newly hatched chicks and they rarely come out of it.

Selfishly, I was hoping she would go during the night because I didn't want to watch her die. But when I picked her up this afternoon I could tell she was struggling to breathe so I just cradled her until she passed.

I already showed her to Ian and he thinks she's napping which is fine. Jeremy said we'll bury her tonight.

I know we only had her for a couple of days but I'm going to miss her still.

Goodbye Clover.



Karli said...

That is so sad, Andrea.
Bye, Clover.

The Lehmans said... sad.

Annagrace said...

SO sad. I'm glad you've already decided to get more, maybe Ian won't notice quite so much...

Adam and Raechell said...

That is very sad news. I'm sorry for your loss. She was such a lovely little bird.

Bonnie and Fred said...

We're sad to hear about Clover too. Hope you will get a replacement.

Justin Cardinal said...

I know it sounds kinda silly since she is a chick, but I don't think death was part of God's perfect plan and death always makes me soo sad. It is probably good for Ian to begin to understand though.