Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post weekend cleanup

We are still recovering from out busy weekend of cleaning out and organizing our garage and basement. This has been a year long process that started with our garage sale last summer and will hopefully end this summer when we have gotten rid of everything we no longer need and organize the stuff we do have. We are close to some semblance of order and it's exciting. (Although I'm beginning to see how this is an ongoing job for the rest of our lives.)

When they dropped the dumpster off last Friday we nearly fainted at the size. We didn't think we could fill it but when we made it available to the rest of my family and added their trash we came pretty close.

We took a break on Sunday to go and see the new Indiana Jones flick. This was exciting because one, it's a new Indiana Jones movie and Jeremy has been waiting all year for it to come out. And two, because it was the first time we've ever left Sawyer! He did great and Jeremy and I were childless for the first time in almost 1-1/2 years! I think that rounds out the total dates we've had in almost 3 1/2 years to....4. It was so exciting!

The boys hung out with my sister's family and like always, had a great time. Nick, my awesome nephew/photographer showed us exactly what they did that day through pictures. Here's one of Sawyer. See?... he looks okay being away from Mom for a little bit... right?

And here's Ian sitting on a tractor with Uncle Mark putting headphones on to buffer the noise. I love what he did with the picture.



Meghan said...

We have the same bowl that you have at the top of your site! That's funny.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Congrats on taking some time out for yourselves! We rarely go out just the two of us because there are no babysitters (no one uses babysitters) and my in-laws are only good for an hour or two. So in lieu of dates we rent movies and once the kids are down to sleep we have date night at home with popcorn and pop. It's not the same as going out though!

I find that we've lost the art of dating. We're not sure what to talk about or where to go. We find it hard to hold hands (with four kids we don't get to do that much) just because we're not used to it. In three more years all of our kids will be in preschool or school and we plan to have lunch dates so we can get back to renewing the fun side of just the two of us.

Karli said...

So, how was "Indiana Jones?" I didn't hear great reviews on it. We seriously considered going out to see it. Must have been GREAT being alone for a few hours. I'm sooo jealous!