Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful weekend and a little oops

We had really hot weather over the weekend and as much as I was forbidding myself to turn on the air conditioning this month (I's only May), I did it anyway. It's the hot nights that get to me so on she came and we happily snuggled in bed so thankful that we decided to splurge last summer and install central air.

We spent a huge majority of the weekend outside. I don't think you realize how often you stare at the inside of a home until the weather turns nice and you want to rip out the door to get to some fresh air and sun. We went to a nearby park, a beautiful piece of green tucked into a neighborhood. There were some geese for Ian to follow and lots of grass for Sawyer to crawl through.

The little "oops" came earlier in the day when Sawyer fell down some stairs. (Is it me or does that just scream inattentive mom???? Ugh.) He's been so good around them and can crawl up the steps like a champ. It's the going down that he doesn't quite get and instead of trying it backwards, feet first, he insists on sitting on the top ledge with his feet dangling down and then he leeaanns forward as if, I don't know, he's just going to hop down them? It doesn't help that we have hardwood stairs. Luckily, he only (only?) fell down 5 steps and not the 12 that he could have fallen down if he had been on the other landing.

Anyway... a bad bloody nose... a huge egg on his forehead... and a few other facial war wounds but it appears he's going to live to tell the tale. Well, except for the new nickname that's seemed to stick...cough...Scarface...cough.

Luckily, there's no real signs of his fight with the stairs, thanks to my absolutely favorite thing in my medicine cabinet... ever: Hyland's bumps and bruises (Arnica). And he seems to be fine emotionally too, because just yesterday I watched him crawl back over to the stairs and dangle his feet off the edge again. Little stinker. He's such a cute little stinker though.



Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

My older 3 have all fallen down a few stairs and I'm just waiting for Natsuki to take her turn. For sure it's going to happen no matter how attentively I'm watching her. Isn't parenting wonderful?!?

Annagrace said...

He looks like such a little man with those scars--it's pretty cute, even though it's sad :) Next year is our central air year--with as hot as these NW springs are becoming I'm feeling less and less bad about the environmental impact...

Justin Cardinal said...

We were tempted with the air the other day as well ... Our evenings are still really cool so it is lovely to have the windows open cooling down the house, but my allergies are going hay wire!
I know Asher will be following in Sawyers foots steps in a couple of months, although I try to stay optomistic that he will be a little causious like his big sis.

Meghan said...

Sawyer is so cute! Will you guys be coming to New York this summer? I'd love to meet the little guy :-)

Adam and Raechell said...

Poor Sawyer, this was like my worst fear when ours were little. We installed two gates that screwed right into the walls and when we came up they both got locked. One at the stairs and one at their bedroom door. But that's only after I fell down the stairs several times myself with children in my arms. :O Horrible little accidents aren't they. Well, at least he's ok now. :)

Andrea said...

Not to be a smart-alec, (though that is my nature) but using air conditioning in your home actual emits less green-house gases than heating it.

Since air-conditioning is inherently more efficient than heating (that is, it takes less energy to cool a given space by 1 degree than to heat it by the same amount), the difference has big implications for greenhouse gases.

Anyway, check out the item below from some background.

- Jeremy