Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello toddler

It doesn't seem possible, but somehow Sawyer has gone from baby to toddler almost overnight.

His birthday was wonderful and he seemed to enjoy all the attention. And what's not to love about waking up to new toys to play with in the morning?

He didn't hesitate at all digging into his cake. But in typical Sawyer fashion, a short time into it he was done eating and picked up handfuls to toss onto the floor. (Delicious vegan cake and frosting from my favorite vegan cookbook.)

The one-year birthday down... now onto walking!



Adam and Raechell said...

It does seem impossible that time could be passing that fast. He's such a cutie! Good luck at keeping up with those little legs. :D

Bonnie and Fred said...

Happy birthday Sawyer. Mom and Dad will now spend endless hours trying to get you to walk and talk and many years telling you to sit down and be quiet. I will rooting for you to walk and talk, Mom and Dad can worry about the latter. Love Grandpa Fred.

Karli said...

I remember feeling that way about Samuel. He was a baby, then he turned one, then he was a toddler. Babyhood quickly gives way to toddlerhood. Exciting in some ways, yet sad to say goodbye to your baby.

btw, i always liked sawyer's newborn picture. it's so cute.

The Lehmans said...

I love Fred's comment! It's so true! They grow up so fast!

Annagrace said...

He is so precious! And sweet, too. Happy Birthday, little one!