Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday cowboy and of course... chickens

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than as a cowboy. Especially if you're a 3 year old boy with a penchant for red cowboy hats, an Indian beaded belt, and a wooden horse.

Well we had quite the introduction to chicken-keeping this week. We buried Clover in an old checkbook box in our backyard. Ian caught on pretty quickly and has told us all weekend that "Clover died". But he seems to be taking it all in stride.

We bought 3 more baby chicks Friday morning because I was pretty sure Clover wasn't going to make it. We had a little issue with one of those chicks as well but it's all sorted out and now we have our 4 healthy chicks. They are all doing really well and seemed to like it here. In addition to Emmaline, let me introduce to you our newest 3 chicks.

This is Willow. She's a Barred Rock.

This is Guinevere. She's a Golden Sex Link (meaning her gender is linked to the coloring at birth).

And lastly, this is Ginger. She's an Araucana and will lay either blue or green eggs.

Sawyer was a little jealous at first but he seems taken with them now. He lays down on the floor just to watch them when they are out of their brooder.

Ian is super gentle and knows just how to pick them up. He and Emmaline seemed to have really hit it off because she always wants him and he always wants to hold her.

Jeremy with Emmaline

Me with Ginger. I love how her eyes are lined in black, almost like an ancient Egyptian. Hmm..maybe she should be a Cleopatra?



Bonnie and Fred said...

These pictures are adorable. Thanks for posting. Ian's cowboy attire reminds me of my younger days, except his stick horse has a head.

PD & Mary said...

Your chickens are SO cute!! I love Ginger. It looks like she's got liquid eyeliner around her eyes.. its so pretty! :-)
I hope things are going well for you guys.

Meghan C.

Adam and Raechell said...

It was so funny, I looked over all the new chicks and thought, oh, that Ginger is so pretty and then I read everyone's comments and laughed. She is definitely beautiful with her eyes colored as they are. :p

Glad everything is good out there and you guys are having fun with the new additions. God Bless.

Bellaziza's Favorite Things said...

Awww, that is so sad that Clover died. The new chicks are adorable though and it could be a great lesson for the boys in understanding the concept of ...well you know. I feel so morbid:)!!!

I love the idea of chicks now though and I want to get some when we finally settle on when we are moving back to NY.


Andrea said...

Fred... You know, I can just imagine you as a little boy in that outfit! He gets his love for Cowboys somewhere right?

Meghan!! Hello! I'm so glad you commented. We are doing really good. And I agree, Ginger is so pretty. Hope you are feeling well! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

Shelly... I wish the girls could see our chicks. I mean really, they could be cousin chicks. :-)

Crista... I know, I think it's a good lesson too. The circle of life.

You should definitely get some chickens when you are settled!

Justin Cardinal said...

"Remember me going to his house mom,I want to go now and ride the horse, why does he have chics?!" -Sydney