Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I love being home. We love being home. I spread my errands out during the week to make sure we have time at home just to be there. There's something about the security, the feeling of belonging, that makes me want to be home when I'm away.

I love the rhythm of our days. The slow leisurely breakfasts. The book reading, game playing, and crazy dress-up time that comes with having a couple of hours in the morning to just be. Then lunch and the knowing that my tired baby will soon be fast asleep in bed. I love the afternoon when we read more books or take a walk or discover something new to do while waiting in anticipation for Dad to come home. I love being in the kitchen with Sawyer underfoot emptying my cupboards and keeping himself busy.

It's a good space to me, peaceful. One the boys love as well. They have room to move around, places to sit and read, to think, to draw, and to dream of being someone else. A dinosaur or cowboy is the usual choice for Ian and sometimes it's with his friend, the sheep named Bear... or so he tells me.

We went to the craft store yesterday to gather supplies. I love this idea from The Creative Family ... teaching to sew with burlap and a blunt needle. Ian took right to it. I'm amazed at his ability given time and space to think. His little mind was working over time trying to move his fingers in concentrated motions... grasping the needle and thread, losing the thread, trying to rethread the needle, and then starting over. I loved seeing his expression when he finally succeeded.

Making sure we have time to sit and create is an important part of our daily rhythm. Even though it's something I've thought about for a long time, I'm beginning to see how vital it is for their developing minds and that's all the motivation I need.


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Annagrace said...

I love this. It's so, so, so true. I love home, too. I hate weeks of hectic running to and fro and try to guard good chunks of "peaceful time"...