Monday, July 28, 2008


It takes weekends like this to really, really appreciate the days we are healthy. As in almost perfect response to my post a week and half ago about how healthy they are, Ian went straight from having that eye infection into throwing up last Wednesday. Then I woke up sick the next morning... on our anniversary of all days. By Friday though, Ian and I were on our way to being completely well and so we decided to continue with our anniversary plans which included dinner, but not the kids. This was going to be our 2nd time without either boys since Sawyer was born... and we were looking forward to it. But on our way to my sister's house to drop the boys off, Sawyer got sick in the car. We decided to go ahead and let Ian stay because he was excited to play with the cousins, and then we went home.

While I gave Sawyer a bath and tucked him into bed, Jeremy got us a pizza and some Henry Weinhards root beer and we snuggled on the couch watching a movie. Not what we had planned, but lovely all the same.

Jeremy was the last to get sick and he held off until this morning. He's been sleeping all day and if he follows the rest of us, he should be better tomorrow. And that my friends, I pray is the last of that for awhile!

We were able to sneak in some fun in between different ones falling ill. Jeremy and Ian got some drawing time in. Something Jeremy loves to do...

and Ian loves to watch.

We spent a little bit of time outdoors. Ian enjoyed his new favorite activity..peddling! Last year he struggled with getting his feet to push and turn the peddles in rhythm. This year, he jumped right on like he'd been doing it all summer.

And Sawyer practiced walking in sandles while showing off his cute belly button.

We're going to be busy this week getting ready for our vacation that starts on Saturday. We'll be gone for 5 days, getting back just in time for my brother's wedding. There's so much to do!



David said...

Sounds like a country song. To be specific, Phil Vassar's Just Another Day in Paradise. It definitely describes many times in our marriage. We've definitely had some "pizza and beer" anniversaries ourselves.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Sorry you guys have been under the weather, but glad to hear you are improving. Have a nice time on vacation and take lots of pics of the boys. Love you all.

Justin Cardinal said...

I hate it when it goes through the whole family, so sorry about your plans. Way to make the best of it though. Ian, peddling is so much fun - way to go!

The Lehmans said...

Sorry to hear about the yucky bug that hit you guys! Hope you can get a make-up date soon though! Charlie was very excited to see that he and Ian have the same bike! He, however, has not mastered the peddling yet.