Tuesday, July 8, 2008

summer finds

It's supposed to be 90 degrees today... perfect for brewing sun tea out on the deck. We've spent most of this morning outside so we can enjoy the hottest part of the day, this afternoon, inside where it's air conditioned.

Our chickens are even enjoying the shade and they always get plenty of exercise since Ian's favorite thing to do is chase them around the yard. It's hard to believe they were such tiny fluff balls 3 months ago.

We went to Goodwill yesterday and found some great summer finds. This is a strawberry tablecloth, in great condition, perfect for picnics. For $3 I couldn't pass it up!

Remember these? I couldn't pass this up either. I'm already picturing our morning breakfast with orange juice in this new carafe. I have my eye on a lemon version as well...
And lately, I've discovered a little obsession with pyrex. The vintage patterns are so sweet. I found this butterfly gold bowl, with a glass lid, and the two bigger sizes as well. I have a couple patterns in mind, in turquoise, that I'm hoping to find the whole set for. I'm already envisioning a whole new kitchen color scheme....

While I was admiring all my new things, Ian found the bowl of grapes in the fridge and tried to sneak outside with them. But it's hard to tell him no when I'm snapping pictures of the little heist as it happens.

They were so excited to eat outside with such a big bowl of food.



Adam and Raechell said...

What great finds! :D
The boys are so cute! Great pics!

Adam and Raechell said...

Almost forgot...HOLY COW those chicks got big fast! :p They are so pretty for chickens. LOL

Bonnie and Fred said...

I like the things you found at Goodwill, all of them were used in our family when I was growing up. Those chickens are beautiful to look at with all the different colors. Ian and Sawyer look so happy and contented eating those grapes!! Good pictures.

Karli said...

Your pictures are getting better and better, Andrea. As my blog continues to evolve, it has me wanting to learn Photoshop and every little feature on our camera, whereas before, I was fine leaving it on auto, and never really thought about where the sun was before I snapped. I like the way the sun hits the strawberries. And of course Sawyer's little foot on the tablecloth you found @ Goodwill. Which one do you go to? I checked out the Superstore on 6th Ave. the other day, but didn't find it to be that great. Karli