Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend at home

We decided to stay home this weekend and relax. It felt so good to drink coffee and read the paper without a plan or agenda for the day. Jeremy played his guitars and did a few house projects while I sewed. I made a couple more pairs of long shorts for the boys. This red pair for Ian is made from another of Jeremy's old shirts. I used the side seam of the shirt to make the side seam of the shorts and you can see the little split detail on the bottom that was originally on the bottom of each shirt side. The repurposing idea came from The Creative Family. I'm working on another sewing project right now that I hope to finish this week.

Here's the two of them this morning with their new shorts on.

We also watched a new DVD I had recently read about. It's a documentary-style video called The Little Travelers. We watched the Japan DVD and it's so sweet. It's filmed from the two little girls' perspectives and it's all about their adventures in traveling. I love finding something for the boys' to watch that teaches them about other cultures and that is not a cartoon. We're excited to get the other DVD's now!



Karli said...

I ordered "The Creative Family" and one of those DVD's this past week as well. I ordered the British Isles one. I can't wait to read Amanda Soule's book, and I love her website. I think it's going to be a great tool to get me to the creative place I want to be. Kids are born to be creative, but as adults, I think we often times lose that skill. Anyway, the shorts look great. Good job, Andrea!

Bonnie and Fred said...

Love the shorts and a weekend of relaxation is needed more often than we think.

The Lehmans said...

The shorts a too cute. Very good idea!

Adam and Raechell said...

Very nice job on the shorts. ;) Jeremy, have you written any new songs lately? Or just enjoying the time to play?