Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hazy summer days

I'm finding myself doing the absolute minimum this summer. My desire to blog, cook, clean, or sew has been slowly waning against my wanting to lounge around, read, and go out to dinner. It's so hard to believe it's already July something or other and I still haven't even made homemade popsicles, let alone that purse and apron that have been so patiently waiting for me. Seriously. Where is my head?

I'm not blaming him... but I'm just saying that it could be his fault because he's still getting up 3 to 4 times a night. Still. At this point I would so gladly take 1 or 2 wakings that I want to leap with joy at the thought of so much sleep. But he's only 14 months old you say? I know... he's still so young and I'm definitely of the mind set that it's okay for him to be waking up at night. But what's difficult is that it's me, and only me, that can comfort him at night. He gets so worked up and upset when he realizes Jeremy is the one who picked him up at 2am that he goes into a spasm of maneuvers to attempt to thwart any effort to comfort on Jeremy's part. While I am opposed to having him cry it out alone, I'm not opposed to having him cry with his Dad since he knows someone is there. But really... after 2 hours there's only so much we can all take.

So it's me, all night long. Every 2 to 3 hours I get out of bed, walk to his room, sit in the rocking chair, breastfeed, and rock him back to sleep. I honestly, honestly don't mind doing this. But does it have to be so often? Couldn't it be every 4 hours atleast? (We coslept for quite awhile but he wakes even more when he's in bed with us.)

I'm just saying, that after 14 months of waking so often I'm a little tired. And my brain is a little hazy and it's getting harder to find the energy to do much in this summer heat. So I'm giving myself a little break. Instead we are eating more watermelon, reading more, playing more, and laying around in the afternoons thinking of fun things to do together. I won't feel guilty that we have already eaten out several times this week or that there are clothes that still need to be put away. It's summer, my brain is foggy, and the boys are having fun.

I'm holding out hope that when Fall comes he and I will be sleeping better so I'll hopefully get my head back in gear and all my creative projects that are on hold will get done, I will be more consistent with our eating, and we'll have more structure.

For now, we'll enjoy the watermelon outside while we chase our chickens around the yard and leave the work for another time.



Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Maybe if you could think of Sawyer sleeping through the night as teaching him a skill it might make it easier. The Baby Whisperer has a few good ideas on how to teach a child to self-comfort without crying it out.

We did the "cry it out" method and it wasn't that bad. The first night was the worst (for me!) but by the third night each of them only cried maybe five minutes and by the fourth night there was no waking up and no crying. They don't remember it at all. All they know is that they sleep well and mommy's a happier mommy because she's sleeping well, too.

Karli said...

I so relate, Andrea! Hang in there, Mama--Sawyer is so much like Samuel!

Adam and Raechell said...

It still amazes me how different all children can be. Sam never wanted to sleep (I feel your pain)...and Alex came home from the hospital sleeping through the night! I wonder why such differences?!
It seems like this season will last an eternity, but it does eventually end. I will keep you in my prayers. You are doing a great job you guys...the boys are healthy and happy...this too shall pass.

The Lehmans said...

I agree that the Baby Whisperer has some great sleep advice. There is also one for Toddlers. I used her methods with all of my boys and it really worked! Hang in there...and enjoy the laziness while you can.

Karli said...

Hey Andrea, That picture of Sawyer really captures him, doesn't it? Your nephew has quite a lot of talent. He's doing great work & should feel proud!

Samuel had a lot of fun tonight with Ian & it was great to chat w/ you! Thanks again so much for the iced latte and milk for Samuel.