Thursday, July 3, 2008


What a beautiful week it's been! And of course the impromptu sleepover with my niece and nephews only added to the fun. They played with the boys and helped with the chickens and we got up every morning looking forward to having a few extra faces around the kitchen table. They left earlier this evening and we already miss them.

I woke up this morning determined to take advantage of them being here and knew today was the day that we had to get strawberries or I would miss out on them completely. And when I saw the berries, I realized just how close to the end of the season it really is. They are so deliciously ripe and so juicy they literally melt in your mouth. Before I realized it I was paying for 4 full flats!

While Caleb entertained the boys, Meagan and I tied on our aprons and got to work washing the strawberries and cutting the stems off. Two flats in I got out my food processor and ended up pureeing nearly 50 cups for freezer jam. (We ran out of our jam in February this year and I'm determined not to this time.) The last two flats were washed up and we are freezing them whole so I can store them in ziploc bags for smoothies, desserts, or whatever. We crashed afterwards.

The boys spent most of their time at the table and didn't leave until their bellies were full and their shirts appropriately stained.

But really, what kid can resist trying on his cousin's boots no matter how many strawberries are waiting for him?



Adam and Raechell said...

How fun! (and yummy:D) We haven't seen much of good strawberries this year on the East Coast...much to my sadness. I'm glad that you guys are getting some. Eat a few for me too! :p

The Uytioco's said...

YUM...I'm hoping we can get some tomorrow. Maybe not 4 flats, but plenty to enjoy for as long as we can :)

Karli said...

Hi Andrea!
Where did you buy your strawberries? I read the crop on Sauvie Island was destroyed due to the root weavil. I think I missed strawberries this year, but I have some blueberries in the freezer now. I need more, though! That's so great that your niece helps you out like that! Karli