Friday, February 29, 2008

Self Portrait Friday

Fun with the camera before we head to the library this morning:

And I found a more productive way to express my need for something new. Painting. Goodbye fall pumpkin and hello nest-egg blue. Just in time for spring!



Karli said...

Hi Andrea,
I got your post about lack of sleep. You're looking pretty darn good in these photos despite the fact you are losing lots of sleep!

I painted a lot after Samuel was born. I plan to get back into that once things slow down a bit around here.

It's so much fun!

Which paint line are you using?

Annagrace said...

So cute--I love self-portraits with babies. If only Pea would sit still for a minute these days...

I love the color, obviously :)

Adam and Raechell said...

How did you get these shots with the boys so young??? Very nice. :D
Your eyes look very blue...the raw foods are kicking in! :)
Ok...where is the blue going? I see it's covering yellow walls, but in what room? Inquiring minds want to know! :D

I'm glad you found something else to get involved in. Pets are nice, but a lot of work. LOL

Justin Cardinal said...

I love blue ... you look wonderful too ... good to see ya. regarding the pets blog ... Justin keeps wanting to let Lola just run out the door and never come home! LOL

The Uytioco's said...

I love the pics with the boys. So adorable! By the way...I have a dog if you want one ;)