Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It needs more salt...

I think there's something wrong with me. I'm having thoughts about a kitten or a dog..of any age really...even an old one will do. I keep searching through the online lists of animals at the humane society. I think about how fun it would be for the boys to have an animal around here. But what I can't figure out is why. Why in the world do I want an animal right now? We've had pets. Two I loved dearly...our cat Logan who was hit by a car after we moved to NY...and our yellow lab Ellie who we had to give away before our NY move. And then there were the two I didn't love very much. A rash decision on my part to bring home TWO cats at once. After one year and a favorite leather chair that was losing the battle of the claws...we decided to find new homes for them.

Jeremy brought it up first. You know...the reason behind why I might be wanting a little cuddly pet to love. I laughed and pooh-poohed the suggestion as soon as it was mentioned. Another baby? Yeah right I thought. I mean...I don't really want another baby right now. Did I? As much as I adore my boys, the transition from one child to two was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. Ian is a very busy and sensitive boy and Sawyer, well, he just never sleeps so it's certainly been a little harder than I anticipated. But still...could I want another one that soon?

At 2:30 this morning when I was rocking Sawyer in the dark, I analyzed everything. And ultimately I realized what was happening and the only person I could blame is my Dad. It's his fault really. Yeah...that's right...his fault. Phew...I felt much better. I don't really want another baby right now and a pet is just a quick solution to a deeper craving:

My need for shake things up a bit....a touch of salt maybe.

My spontaneous nature is inherited. I grew up with a Dad who would announce in the morning that instead of school that day we were going on a road trip! Or "jump in the car Andrea, let's go for a ride," and we'd end up in the next town over just to get a coke. The two of us even left a guided tour one time to sneak around the 'off limits' area of the servant's quarters (Pittock Mansion, remember Dad?). It's the same reason I'm willing to drive an hour for good biscuits and gravy when we go out to breakfast...because of my dad. My wonderful, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants Dad.

It's funny then that I married a man who needs to take his time and ponder over most every decision. When we were first married, my early Saturday morning declarations that a beach trip is needed and 'oh let's go in an hour!' were met with a dazed look of horror because how could we go without planning first? Close to 9 years later he weathers these outbursts much better and has even admitted to enjoying them once we are on the road.

So I'm thinking that my desire for a pet is the same reason I keep looking at houses for sale. I want a little change. I'm not sure a little kitten or an old dog is the answer...maybe a weekend trip to somewhere will cure me for a little while. Or maybe I just need some good biscuits and gravy for breakfast with my Dad to remind me how good life is right now just the way it is.

But that picture IS cute isn't it? Maybe a little kitten wouldn't be too bad...



Betsy said...

Here's the website for raw milk...maybe the expense of this will keep you from wanting another mouth to feed!

Adam and Raechell said...

LOL...Andrea you really should be a writer. I love to read what you write. :D This made me laugh out loud.

Adam will call me from work on a Monday morning, with a list of what our weekend coming up will hold. After many a spontaneous Saturday morning declaration, he learned that I needed time to get "Ok" with our plans and pick out what I would need for the kids to bring to make the trip successful. :D LOL I love that you are me, probably needs that.
Very funny post and I hope you add a bit of salt just for the fun it will bring.:)

Adam and Raechell said...

Oh, the pic is adorable. And if you do get something...get a puppy. :) It will give you an excuse to take walks everyday and it won't destroy your furniture. ;)

Annagrace said...

I really love the way you always makes me think and is so inspiring and thought-provoking. Man, I relate to the marital differences--when J. and I were first together I was appalled at the amount of luggage he would pack for a weekend trip and how long it took. In my family we could pack three kids to a suitcase and be ready to go ANYWHERE in an hour!

Maybe we should throw the three kids in the car and head to the beach one of these week-days--wouldn't that be fun? All we need is coffee and some healthy snacks and we could have lunch there--so fun!

Andrea said...

Thanks Betsy! I'm VERY tempted. :-)

Shelly...Thank you! So funny that you and Adam are opposite too. What I love about it is that you never realize just HOW opposite until you are married. hee hee

I like the idea of a dog but I don't know...they're a lot of work too. I don't think I'll make any big decisions for awhile!

Annagrace...Thank you so much. There must be a reason we connected on our blogs, I love the way you right as well.

I definitely think that's a skill your family had. I love it!

Oh I love your idea about going to the beach. Let's plan on it!

Merredith and Bruce said...

List me among those who love to read your blog postings... You're a delightful writer.... Amusing, colorful, and full of bright new ideas... I'd go for the dog too... a grand excuse for a walk.... and what fun for the boys to run and play with.... Bruce and I are opposites too... but balance each other out well (with lots of practice, but well worth it)... Maybe you're having a little "winter" cabin fever?? Once spring gets here and you can get out and about more, and do?? Love your posts Andrea... and just love you and your family too.... Merredith

The Ferriter Family said...

Andrea, I have to agree with you on all of what you said! I have been wanting a pet for some time now. I keep waiting for the right time. For now Parker seems to be content with webkinz...When you talked about your father, it reminded me so much of my mom. We would all skip school to go on some sort of "adventure". Agin Chris and I are so different in that way, he is such a planner, and I go on a whim. I hope you are all doing great, and maybe getting some sleep. Laters, Tara