Monday, February 4, 2008


It's one of those days where I have many things I need to do but none that I want to. We are feeling a little out of sorts in the house today. A cough here, a sore throat there, and another gray sky that only signals the continuing of winter and not the return of spring we are waiting for.

I have lots of thoughts filling my head that I'm hoping to post about soon. More about plastics and health. Maybe this week I can find the time to clear my head. We are gearing up for a busy few days so maybe that's why today we don't feel like doing much at all.

Right now the teapot is full and I'm crocheting a few more rows on my ripple blanket in between nursing Sawyer and finding things for Ian to do. It sounds more and more like the perfect day to rest.



Adam and Raechell said...

This is such a perfect picture. :D Sawyer is so sweet looking.

I LOVE the colors in this blanket. So pretty.

Bonnie and Fred said...

What a sweet little boy! That facial expression and hand say it all!!!

Karli said...

Hi Andrea! I love the colorful ripple blanket you're working on. Good job. All the creativity and art you're displaying on your blog from your home is amazing. You're such a great Mama. --Karli