Monday, February 18, 2008

birthday fun

We had Ian's birthday party Saturday morning so we could have an excuse for brunch and coffee. I was in the mood for quiche and he's still young enough for me to decide what to serve at his party and not care so it worked out well for both us. Instead of a cake we decided to have donuts and Ian's eyes lit up huge when he saw his Fruit Loop cereal covered donut with 3 candles in it. Jeremy bought them from Voodoo Doughnuts downtown Portland. The maple bar with bacon on it was a big favorite.

Ian in his cape with the wooden horse.

Sawyer was as happy as can be crawling around on the floor playing with everything his little hands could grab.


We just had a wonderful 3-day weekend with beautiful weather. It was hard to be indoors at all since it was so nice outside. The tulips are already budding and no matter how many times I tell them it's only February they are still intent on blooming soon.

Top 3 pictures from NP



Adam and Raechell said...

These are such great pics. I love your nephew's artwork, what a talent he has.

Ian looks so cute in the cape. :)
Sawyer...what a doll!

I'm glad that you all had such a great time.

(Sam and I looked over NP and the doughnut store smiling broadly at the pics and thoughts of cereal on doughnuts. :D How fun!)

Justin Cardinal said...

Looks like you had a great time ... Ian is a lucky boy! Wish we could have been there!

Andrea said...

Shelly...I know, Nick has gotten so good! It's really nice to have a photographer in the family.

Yeah those donuts were crazy. It was weird to taste Captain Crunch on a donut. LOL

Julie...I which you could have been here too! This summer for sure :-)