Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Christmas

Another Christmas is over and our tree came down yesterday. But there's evidence of it everywhere still... wrapping paper found crumbled up on the floor and new toys still being discovered and played with. I have a feeling this will last a good while.

This year we decided it would be fun, and a bit challenging, to make each other a Christmas present. We made it as simple as we wanted and it was really fun trying to imagine what the other person was going to come up with. What I didn't expect was how much we all enjoyed the process. I worried that it might make the Christmas season more hectic since it took more time to hand-make something than it does the buy a gift. But it didn't, the whole month actually felt more peaceful and less rushed. A tradition has definitely been born. Here's a glimpse of our handmade Christmas...

Jeremy took the hand drawings he did with the boys (blogged about here) and had them printed on t-shirts. They instantly recognized them and love them so much I think we may continue this idea through out the year with their drawings.

I made big floor pillows for each of the boys (another pic here)... something they could easily grab to read a book on or to watch a movie. I found the perfect fabric thanks to Randi at I have to say. I used the 5 different fabrics for the top piece and then cut up two terry-cloth towels for the bottom. I wanted a sturdy fabric that could get dirty from being on the floor but one that was also soft and easy to wash. The towel fabric overlaps in the back so it can easily be removed for washing.

The boys got in on it too. Ian made Jeremy a plane with wheels that can stand and Sawyer fashioned a trumpet out of paper and a paper towel roll.

Jeremy made me a "mama" collage. His favorite pictures of me pregnant, nursing, and holding our babies. I cried... it's incredibly humbling and moving to see myself from his perspective.

I knitted him a scarf (a bit cliche but he really needed one!)... knit in a seed stitch pattern in charcoal grey. I think it looks like metal and he wears it very, very well.

Lastly... Jeremy's mom did it again. Her raw talent amazes me and she has given us a gift we will treasure for life. Sawyer at 2 years old, drawn from this picture. Thank you so much Grandma!

And a few pictures from our Christmas morning...

Hope your Christmas was just as amazing. On to New Years!



Linda said...

I love receiving a handmade gift. It is always so special knowing the love and thought and care that goes into it. You all did very well!
The picture is just amazing. She is so talented.

Tasha Lehman said...

Those shirts are adorable! We'll have to look into that!

Adam and Raechell said...

How fun. The boys look like they loved everything! :) And are putting it to good use. The scarf is lovely. Very good job. ;)