Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eve of Christmas Eve...

If only we had a little bit of the East Coast's snow right now. We're dreaming of last year when it snowed for days and gave us a beautiful white Christmas. I keep hoping we'll be surprised and wake up to a little dusting here and there but I don't think it will happen. We are enjoying every bit of December though with plenty of things going on.

We had cousins over to decorate (gluten-free, dairy-free!) cookies. The table was covered in frosting and little shiny bits of topping in every color. We had dinner and cider and lots of Christmas music. It makes me so thankful for family...

Sawyer insisted on red and doing it all himself.

I think he enjoyed it, even if he had to choke his way through the sprinkles.


The presents are ready and nearly all wrapped. We tried to keep it simple this year as far as our gift giving. New books are ALWAYS on the list.

And a few handmade things that I'm so happy about it (more on them after the big day!).

And little gifts sent across the country to family far away.


The boys are counting down the days... Ian especially. Most of our mornings are spent bundled up with a blanket (around the heating vent) by the tree and reading or drawing or pretending to hang Luke up by his legs in the wampa cave. Eloise takes swipes at our legs or toes, whichever is closest. I love these days.



Mom Uytioco said...

Looks like you all are enjoying the season. How is your pregnancy going? Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Adam and Raechell said...

I giggled through this whole post. What fun! :) Thank you for the handmade gift. It is sitting under our tree right now. What precious memories. Enjoy them all. :) Merry Christmas ConnWest.

tonia said...

ack! i see one of my christmas gifts for Ian in that pile of books. :) must have gotten my wires crossed.