Monday, December 15, 2008

Northwest snow

After much waiting and anticipation for the snow, we were not disappointed. Ian was so eager to go outside that he dressed himself declaring he was ready to make a snow angel. We added a few more layers just in case and let him loose.

We're supposed to have another snow storm on Wednesday... I think Ian will be very, very happy.

And so it appears even chickens love the snow. Every time we look outside Guinevere is walking around pecking through the snow to the ground. She has a nice cozy nest in the coop away from the wind, complete with fresh straw and a heat lamp, but it seems she prefers the rugged outdoors. Just don't go getting frostbite on that little comb of yours....



Linda said...

How funny Guinevere is (I had no idea chickens liked the snow!) and how sweet he is. I remember how I loved the snow when I was little. Snow angels, building snow forts, making snowmen, sledding, and ice skating - loved it all. There is something magical about a snowstorm. Have lots of fun!

Grandpa Fred said...

Ian, I wish you were here. We are supposed to get 6-9 inches of the white stuff tonight. You would have a great time making snow angels, snowmen or anything else. Love you.

Adam and Raechell said...

There you go have your very own snow! :) Enjoy!
Ian is adorable. What did Sawyer think of the snow? Snow angels are the best! Followed closely by the 1st snowman of the season! :D The chicken is too funny!