Sunday, December 21, 2008

Staying in

We are frozen inside today. After a big snowfall yesterday, the freezing rain came during the night and we woke up to solid ice covering every surface. We can't even see out of our east facing windows from the layer of ice covering them. So we are inside, the fireplace turned on (oh how I wish I could say... "a warm fire burning and lots of wood waiting"... but no, we flip a switch. No complaints though, gas fireplaces provide good heat they're just not as romantic.) So let's see, the fireplace is on, blankets are laying haphazardly across the living room floor and we are warm with a winter wonderland outside. Jeremy is watching football and I'm still reading one of my favorite books, taking it slow since the holidays have taken most of my free time. Things are good in our little frozen tundra.

The boys went out and made a little snowman a couple of days ago.... a baby carrot worked perfectly for his nose.

They are keeping busy. Sawyer is playing cowboy with his wooden duck-on-a-stick as his horse.

And Ian is building towers for his Star Wars figures to stand on. "EPO" is missing an arm and Han Solo's fingers have been chewed off but they are well loved.


And for fun... some of the unique and fun things discovered on Etsy by pouncing:

Ramen noodle coin purses
Apple jackets and her tea bag cozies are so sweet.
A wooden piggy bank
Seriously cute pattern for crocheted baby shoes
Star Wars cufflinks
Unique neck scarf
Possum necklace
Mini magnets- perfect for pictures on the fridge
And a pair of handmade mugs that I couldn't resist buying.



Adam and Raechell said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say...iced over. Agh!!!!! :O It's just horrible if you have anything to accomplish and divine if you can hunker in until it passes. So glad to hear you all get the later. :D

Very cute snowman! Teehee...I love the baby carrot nose.

I'm in search of a new book...hoping to find a great series to keep me busy until the Spring.

I looked through each of your new finds on Etsy and how fun! I really loved the idea of the tea bag cozies. You could through some different options in your purse and always have a favorite ready when you are out. ;) Love that idea. And the handmade mugs are very nice. I really like the glazing. :D Enjoy all your fun finds!!! Thanks for sharing. Much love. Merry Christmas!!!!

Andrea said...

I know, we're getting more snow today! We never see this kind of weather here... it's really crazy.

I love the Mitford books! They are very sweet and they always make me want to bake an apple pie for a neighbor :-).

Yeah there are some funny things on Etsy. I only got the mugs and fridge magnets. But I'm seriously thinking about those crocheted baby shoe patterns! The possum necklace and ramen noodle purses aren't quite my taste but I love the originality.

Linda said...

While I don't exactly long for a snow/ice storm, it always sounds lovely to me to be shut in with the warmth of a fire and a dear family.
It was cold for us too yesterday - and a howling wind. I snuggled under and afghan (no fireplace here) and reread Jan Karon's "Shepherds Abiding". So we were both enjoying her wonderful writing. Whenever I want a really warm, cozy read, I reach for my Mitford books.
Stay safe and warm!