Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite things...

Reading by the fire

Going to a book signing and meeting an author who was so wonderful and friendly and whose book projects I can't wait to start.

Ian walking out of his room in the morning wearing his book bag as an apron and telling me he was going to make me breakfast.

My mug cozy by Deb that I love, love , and love.

The $2.00 hand carved manger scene from Goodwill... currently awaiting the birth of Jesus.
And Mary and Joseph who are making their way to Bethlehem via our window sill
The anticipation of snow

...the getting to play in it...

...and the not enjoying it.

And my new camera, complete with a steep learning curve. Thank goodness for a nephew who is willing to answer all my questions.



Adam and Raechell said...

What beautiful pics! I love the first one of the boys by the fire. :) Someone asked me if I knew anyone who could take pictures recently...I said, "Yes, but she's over 3,000 miles away." :D Just beautiful. Enjoy your new camera. I look forward to pictures yet to come.

Linda said...

I love posts like this one Andrea. The pictures are wonderful. Those little boys bring back such happy memories for me whenever I see them. Is it possible my little boys have children of their own?

The Averys said...

You always have the nicest pictures on your blog. You should consider photography professionally.

Andrea said...

Thank you! You are all very sweet. I love this type of post too because it gives me reason to post all my random photos. :-)

Grandpa Fred said...

Just finished looking at all the pictures you posted, and am I glad you got a new camera. Not that anything was wrong with the other, but I will see more of my grandsons til the newness wears off. haha.