Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving time

The days after Thanksgiving mean eating pumpkin pie by candlelight at 11 am... just because.

...insisting on playing outside in just a diaper because clothing is so overrated, even in 55 degree weather.

And drawing time with Dad. Whole scenarios can be played out on paper...

While Dad's drawing of a Clone Trooper, R2D2, and a Boba Fett head get new bodies from Ian.

We had a full week off with Jeremy, a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family, and lots and lots of time together. So much fun and many memories of our last Thanksgiving as a family of 4! We are soaking it in, knowing next year a new little personality will be here to join in the fun. Hope your Thanksgiving was just as peaceful.


Advent begins today! Candles are up and ready for the first lighting tonight. So excited for this month and all it will bring.



Heather said...

Loved the photos, especially the boys outside together. Happy you're here.

Justin and Julie said...

I Love this family! I hope you all really enjoy this season together ... Christmas is so special.