Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween love and the aftermath

Superman and a Storm Trooper ventured out Saturday night to find some candy. It was so cute to see their faces when we walked up to these houses that we see everyday, knocked on the door, and were given candy. We made it to about 8 houses and then they both declared they were ready to go home. I think they were more excited about digging into their candy stash rather than getting more.

Ian as Luke Skywalker dressed as a Storm Trooper. And he means serious business when this costume is on.

We stopped by Papa's and Grandma's house first and practiced knocking on their door before the real work began. It was a successful Halloween!


And now that we have handfuls of candy lying around.... Did you know that sugar suppresses the immune system? Having the equivalent of one can of soda (8 tbsp of sugar) can depress the immune system by 40% for hours... up to 7 hours in fact. So let's say you have some form of sugar for breakfast, your immune system may only be functioning at 60% for the entire day. That leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of germs and viruses. And that's assuming you only have 8 tbsps of sugar all day. Add more soda, a piece of candy, some coffee cake, a mocha... and suddenly your system is suppressed continually. That makes it really hard for your body to function at it's best during the sick season.

We've been fighting some cough-runny nose-thing this entire last week. We've been keeping it at bay and it's been pretty mild so I debated on whether to let the boys have the candy from Halloween. I was worried that the work the herbs and veggies and vitamin D we've been doing would be undermined by the sugar. But they hardly ever eat traditional candy and they were so excited that we decided to let them have some. And of course, then I had some because I just couldn't resist a little Milky Way bar (or two) that was sitting next to me.

Then last night I realized that this cough and runny nose I had held at bay was hitting me full force. Being pregnant, my immune system is weaker anyway, then add in pure sugar and suddenly there's not much to keep the little germs from invading. My head is full, my nose is running, and I cough constantly. Ian is doing about the same.

So today I brought out the veggies and decided we had to add some nutrients back in. We've spent the past month going between juicing our veggies and fruits and making smoothies with them. This morning I decided to use the juicer and went with apples, lemon, romaine lettuce, fresh ginger, and 2 beets.

The boys love to help with the juicer and I know this gets them excited about drinking their vegetables.

Their favorite part is watching the different colors of juice pouring out in the bowl. "It's GREEN! It's RED!"

Then we immediately drink up, not even bothering to clean first, to maximize all the enzymes and nutrients the juice gives.

Today was red mustaches thanks to the beets!

Ian is a really good eater but Sawyer is not, he's as picky as they come. But somehow, he loves the juice we make with our veggies and fruit. The boys know it's made of vegetables and they know vegetables keep them healthy. It's my goal to keep it fun but real and I don't think you get more real than drinking beet juice.

This juice was good, tart, but good. I love the way it makes me feel and I'm hoping our colds will be gone very soon because of it.



Jeremy said...

I love the juice mustaches...

Adam and Raechell said...

These boys are so cute. :) I love how serious Ian is in his costume. Sawyer is an adorable Superman. :D

We have been getting over all kinds of illness here in the North Country too. It's been just awful. I feel for you all. Our blessing for health... warm wellness tea with local honey. The girls downed mug after mug of it for a week and were better without any medicine. If it can be done should be!

Great post.

cessc said...

Have you tried using the vitamin D in liquid form...5000IU Vitamin D helps the immune system and we get more in the summer because of the sunlight we absorb...

Andrea said...

Thanks Shelly!

Cessc... yes, everyday! We've been taking it (in liquid form) every day for the past month. And I absolutely believe it's been helping which is why didn't get sicker earlier. Still taking it and hoping it, among other things, will help us get over this! It's good stuff isn't it?

Linda said...

I think you're doing a wonderful job Andrea. I think the key is making it fun. My husband was raised in a family that made it all just a miserable affair. A little creativity, like you've show, would have made all the difference.
They look adorable!

Tasha Lehman said...

I love your facts on sugar. I'm constantly trying to tell this to some family members who indulge in sugar WAY too much! They just don't get it, then wonder why they are so sick! Ugh, so frustrating! Anyway, would you mind if I shared that paragraph on Facebook? :) Tasha

Bonnie and Fred said...

Ian and Sawyer you are, without a doubt, the best looking boys I have ever seen (Jeremy & Adam now 2nd place). I am not biased, just stating the facts. Love you guys.