Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sawyer is 10 months old today. It's hard to believe in 2 short months we will be celebrating his first birthday! He's doing so good and I'm amazed at how much older he seems these days. He wants to be a part of everything and doesn't want to be left out of anything Ian's doing. He's starting to walk along furniture now and cruises all over the place at amazing speed. He's got a sense of humor too. If the gate to the stairs is open he immediately heads for it looking over his shoulder to see if I'm looking. Then he starts giggling and tries to climb them as fast as he can before I grab him.

At the doctor's yesterday he weighed 19lbs 6oz and is 29 1/4" long. He seems pretty average although he's already bigger than Ian was at 1 year old! He has one tooth on the bottom and a couple more on their way in. He's sleeping so much better at night and for naps which has made him a very happy baby.

I was looking through baby pictures and found this one of Jeremy and his brother Adam. I have always thought that Sawyer looked like Jeremy's baby pictures but I was surprised at how similar when I saw this picture. Jeremy is the younger one...


I took Ian to the doctor yesterday as well for a 3 year checkup and because he's had a lingering cough for a couple of months now. The boys see a naturopathic pediatrician and we really really like him. We believe in natural, holistic health and since we rely mostly on herbs and homeopathic remedies for our family I'm thrilled to have a pediatrician who believes the way we do.

I spent a full hour and 1/2 for the appointments and instead of prescribing Ian something for his cough that would just eliminate it, we talked about what could be causing it. We finally narrowed it down to a milk sensitivity. We knew that this was a possibility from a test he had done a year ago but his symptoms were mild and we thought we'd just "wait and see". Now that he's showing other signs (some fluid in his middle ear) we know we have to do something about it.

So... he's off all milk products for now. He's never been a huge milk drinker but I'm bummed because I finally found a raw milk source here in Portland (thanks Betsy!) and he loves it. So he'll have to settle for some rice milk and almond cheese for now... so far so good.

My chiropractor mentioned that goat's milk may be a great alternative so I may try that in a few months depending on how he's doing.

Other than that...the boys are healthy!



Karli said...

Sawyer DOES look like Jeremy!

I'm sorry to hear about Ian's milk allergy! It's great to hear you pursuing the cause. Sounds like your Naturopath is doing a great job. What about soy milk--does Ian like it? Samuel likes it so much better than cow's milk. I haven't tried goat's milk, although I know Landon took it as a boy for his childhood milk allergy.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Happy birthday Sawyer. You are growing up too fast. Slow down. You sure are one handsome little guy. We love you very much. Grandma and Grandpa Conn

Adam and Raechell said...

Sawyer is so beautiful! Congrats on 10 months! :D

That is so interesting about the milk allergy. How is he after you eliminated the milk?

You make almond cheese? Can you take pics and post them for me with the recipe? :D PLEASE!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Karli...He's never had soy milk so I'm not sure if he would like it or not. I'm not a huge fan so I just bought rice milk instead.

That's interesting that Landon had goats milk instead as a kid. I think I'll definitely ask the ped next month. Then he could have goat's milk cheese too!

Grandma and Grandpa...He IS growing too fast! Does he look like a baby Jeremy to you???

Shelly...No! I don't make the almond cheese! I just bought some at the store this week. It's not too bad and since it looks like cheddar he hasn't noticed the difference much. He's only been off the milk now for 2 days so I haven't noticed anything. But we go back to the doctor's in a month to check his ears so we'll see then. I know it can take several weeks to get it all out of the system so it may be awhile yet.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Yes Andrea, he does look like Jeremy in that picture. I had forgotten about that picture and how he looked back then. Glad you are checking on those things, it is a good way to see how each child is developing their looks from both their parents! Love, Gramma Conn

Justin Cardinal said...

Sawyer is twice Asher's age about now ... and almost the same weight! I bet they will be pretty close in size growing up though, like Ian and Sydney. How fun it all is.

Annagrace said...

Milk allergies are no fun, I know from experience. At least there are lots more options easily available now. My mom used to make us almond milk and we thought it was great--I could never (still can't) stomach goats milk, something about the smell, but a lot of people seem to like it. Are your concerns about soy related to the estrogen content? I think organic soy is supposed to be much safer. I've used a combo of fortified rice milk and soy with Pea as she doesn't like rice milk so much but even organic I try not to overdo our soy intake.