Monday, March 31, 2008


I decided a little trip to Goodwill and the antique store would be a good way to start the week out.

Here's what I found at Goodwill:

A set of six plates big and small. My sister and I figured that buying plates (like Corelle brand) would be a great alternative to plastic plates and cups for birthday parties. The plastic versions are getting more expensive anyway and they create so much trash. The Corelle plates are usually under $1 a piece at thrift stores and are durable for kids. Just a quick wash and they can go back into storage until the next party.

A couple classic kids books...this one was in great condition.

A small glass dish. Too pretty to pass up for under $2.

Then we headed to the antique store:

Two little handmade nests perfect for spring.

A fun way to plant a little flower and hang it on the wall.

And this! An old handmade quilt in really great condition. I've been looking for one for awhile but they've either been in bad shape or too expensive. Sawyer and I can't wait to curl up with this one on the couch.



Adam and Raechell said...

I love all your finds. How lovely. Especially the quilt. I'm always amazed that someone put all those little pieces together and that such a beautiful pattern turns out. And it's all broken in for you...just snuggle right in. I love that!

Justin Cardinal said...

What finds! I must admitt, I am really looking forward to some good 'GoodWill' shopping come summer in Portland!

Karli said...

Love your finds, Andrea, and the photos are beautiful.

About the post below--I've been wanting to make granola for awhile now, and you're post on making granola reminded me of this. The coffee shop near my house makes their own granola and I love it!