Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A love of books

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever."

-Winnie the Pooh

We love that little bear around here. My sister got Ian the 80th anniversary edition at Christmas and it's a true work of art. A beautiful classic that shines far above the Pooh that Walt Disney gave us.

Every week the boys and I head to the library to stock up for the weekend. Ian always leaves saying "I YUV BOOKS!".

Some of his favorites right now besides Winnie the Pooh are Little Bear and Corduroy. Notice a theme? Also the Big Red Barn and anything involving animals.

"Tucked into the deep white folds are the farms and villages, the houses neatly plumped like white-feather pillows; red barns sing their color to the snow and challenge the brightness of the cardinal flying across the unbounded blue."

-From The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian. One of our library picks this week. It's beautifully illustrated with woodcuttings that are breathtaking. And what little writing there is, is just as engaging.

Aside from my ever growing list of cookbooks, health books, and how-to-make-that books that I'm always reading. I'm just now starting the brother Cadfael books. If you want a suggestion for a really good read...try The Poisonwood Bible. I love the way the author writes.

There's not much in life I crave more than reading a really good book. Thankfully Jeremy loves to read just as much as I do so we always have our noses in one, or...five. And we have stacks of books at various places throughout the house so one is always within reach for the boys to look at. My favorite time of the day is when Ian climbs into my lap with a book and a blanket and asks me to read. A love for reading is a gift we can give them and one they will appreciate for a lifetime.



Karli said...

I'll have to try out "The Poisonwood Bible." I'm in a book-club, so don't have time these days to read much outside of our selections, but I'll remember this one to suggest when we decide on our booklist for 2009.

Oh, and Samuel loved "Corduroy."

Keep reading!

Annagrace said...

Pea LOVES the Big Red Barn and I love Barbara Kingsolver. I've been wanting to read her latest, "Animal Vegetable, Miracle"...