Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saying goodbye to an old friend

We made it official today. We said goodbye to Ian's pacifier. We had tried once before but Ian just couldn't part with it. He never called it a binky or paci or any other babyish name. He called it his "Fire". The 'fire' would go in and he would instantly mellow out. His hand would go to his ear and he would want to snuggle. We hadn't felt an urgency to have him give it up because he only had it at naps or at bedtime (or when he was hurt, feeling sad, upset, or generally happy really) and there didn't seem any harm in it.

Then we went to the dentist on Monday and while the main report was great (no cavities, healthy strong teeth) there was a side conversation about how maybe his pacifier use was causing an overbite. His dentist referred us to someone else to see how bad, if at all, it was. We knew then that it was time to say goodbye. We talked all the way home about what a big boy he was now and how he was going to start doing big boy things like his cousins. He seemed to understand in his own way. It's been two days now of naps and nighttime and no pacifier. He hasn't even asked for it which makes me realize that he must have been ready.

We saw the second dentist today and all is well. It's nothing that can't be reversed in the next 6 months now that he no longer uses one. So we made it official. We said goodbye and thanked him for being such a good friend and then we threw him away. Not the most pleasant send off but fitting for a used pacifier I guess. I'm glad he is dealing with it so well because I feel a little tugging inside myself wondering if I'm ready for him to give it up. I know I have to be but boy this growing up stuff is hard to do.

Goodbye Fire.



Bonnie and Fred said...

What a big boy you are Ian! Gramma and Grampa Conn are so proud of you for being able to say goodbye to "fire". Love you!!

Adam and Raechell said...

What beautiful pics. Good job Ian! You are such a big boy!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Congratulations! We let Emi use her pacifier until she was 4. I knew all along that I had missed my chance to take it away when she was 10 months but I was 6 months pregnant with Misaki and I needed it as much as she did. When she turned 2, we told her she could only use it for naps and nighttime and that seemed to go over well except that occasionally I would catch her hiding her head in the closet sneaking sucks like some kind of addict!

But on a trip to Canada right after she turned four, we lost at least four pacifiers and bought three new ones and after the last one disappeared right before we boarded our plane back home and she didn't seem to mind I realized that maybe this was our chance to get rid of it. And it worked. She was fine and never mentioned it again. It's amazing how kids just have "moments" when they are ready for something. I think potty-training is like that, too!

Also, I think "Fire" is an awesome name for a pacifier!

Bonnie and Fred said...

Yes, I also think "fire" is an awesome name for a pacifier! Gramma Conn

Karli said...

Great pictures, Andrea. That's great he gave it up so easily. Love the dino sticker on his shirt. Hey, it's snowing at my house!