Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A full January

We had a wonderful weekend with my brother Tim. He lives in an adult special-needs home so it was really nice to spend some quality time with him for a couple of days. He doesn't converse very well but for the most part understands what is being said. He's really funny, especially when there is country music being played and at one point I walked into the living room to find him reading to Ian. And I'm so happy that I caught it on video!

Here's a couple pics of Uncle Tim and the boys:


Sawyer has been a slow solid food eater. Sometimes he wants to eat and sometimes not. What I've noticed with him, almost from a newborn on, is that he is happiest when he's independent. So I gave him part of a banana to play with and he ended up feeding himself and eating the whole thing...and he never stopped smiling. He's just so adorable that I couldn't choose just one picture to post....


The boys and I went to GoodWill yesterday and bought a bunch of play clothes for Ian. The hats are a hit. He wears them throughout the day pretending to be a cowboy. And yes his newspaper reading is for real...or rather...his newspaper picture reading is for real. He's picked up my habit of reading the paper while we eat breakfast or lunch and so now he climbs up in his chair and goes through it to find all the interesting pictures and reads with me while we eat. It's so fascinating to see this little boy emerge out of babyhood.



Adam and Raechell said...

Time with family is soooooo important. I love the pics of your brother and the boys. :)

Sawyer is such a cutie!!! Is the bib he is wearing one you made?

Ian is so cute! Sam loved her red hat (looked exactly like this one) at that age too. Although I'm quite certain her interest came from Jessie in Toy Story 2. :D

Isn't it amazing how they just pick up our habits. I remember Jeremy telling me that hearing Sam and I talk was like listening to me talk to myself. LOL It makes me very aware of what I'm teaching with my actions. You know!?!?

Oh...and man...the gate in the background. Phew...do I remember those...we had like three! :D Are they the best with kids this age or what!?!?!

Thanks for sharing...these were great pics!

Bonnie and Fred said...

The boys seem to really take to their Uncle Tim. I have never seen a happier looking little man than Sawyer. He is so cute. Ian, you go with that cowboy hat look. Someday soon, you will learn more about Cowboys from your grandpa.

Justin Cardinal said...

I can't believe that Ian looks so big in these pics ... he is such a cute little man.

Justin Cardinal said...

You really captured Tim's love for those boys these and their love for him in these 'moments in color'