Friday, January 18, 2008


Spending time in the kitchen today. Chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and a a few batches of baby food for Sawyer...spinach and peaches. Tonight for dinner we are having potato soup and sweet squash corn muffins. Yum.

My brother Tim will be staying with us this weekend. At 28 he's still a kid himself so I know Ian will have fun playing with him.

Sawyer is all adventure and no caution these days. We had forgotten to close the gate on the stairs and this is where we found him. Reminds me of someone else two years ago. Of course that kid took his skills to the dance floor thanks to Jeremy.

Pretty pleased with himself I think.

And doesn't seem too happy about sharing his new space.

We had a good week and spent all day Wednesday with some friends. One who currently lives in Corsica, France and who I haven't seen in years. Check out a picture of the kids here. Thanks for opening up your home Karli!



Adam and Raechell said...

I love the look on Sawyer's face with Ian next too him. That's so funny. :D
The food looks very yummy.
Great minds think alike, I was just looking at a corn muffin recipe to make for all of us tonight and we all had potato soup for lunch. (I bought the girls each a thermos to take soup to school with them.) Yum...enjoy!:D

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I can sure see the difference between boys and girls. Natsuki's 17 months and she just started trying to climb the stairs!

I love the look on his face: "Don't steal my thunder!"