Saturday, January 12, 2008

8 months and a train

Sawyer is 8 months old today. He's around 18lbs 12oz and is as mobile as ever. A couple of weeks ago he started pulling himself up to a stand and now he does it everywhere and on anything that will hold him up. Although he often gets stuck somewhere and cries to have help sitting back down. But that doesn't stop him...he's even crawling up stairs! He seems to have no fear and will try anything. He's a really happy baby and smiles at anyone who talks to him or just happens to be passing by. He gives the best slobbery kisses too.


On Christmas Eve we were up at 11pm putting together the one gift we got for the boys this year. A train set and table. Unfortunately we realized when it was almost finished that it was missing a major piece that would hold it all together. We were so disappointed! Thankfully they had presents from everyone else and didn't really miss any from us. We had to order the piece which we just recently got back. So we brought the whole thing out today and put it together. Ian was thrilled and helped us put the track together. Sawyer will have to wait awhile before he gets to enjoy the train but he's already using the table to help him stand so he's happy.



Adam and Raechell said...

What a beauty Sawyer is...I love to see him smile.
Ian looks like he really likes his new train. :)

Bonnie and Fred said...

When Ian was a baby, I thought there could never be another little boy that cute, but I guess I was wrong. Sawyer, you are one handsome little guy. Ian, you haven't changed as you get better looking the older you get. Just think what you will look like when you get my age. Love, Grandpa Conn.

Karli's Blog said...

I'll have to install bookjetty on my blog. I like that feature. Hey, I'll put "The Thirteenth Tale" on my bookmooch wishlist. --Karli