Monday, November 10, 2008

Mud and books

Winter is here in Portland, rainy with grey skies. We've been getting little peeks of blue every now and then but the rain has definitely come. We made it outside in between a drizzle to rake those wet leaves that I've been meaning to get to.

And the boys got some much needed outdoor time in the mud. Ian made a nice soft bed of mud and leaves for a little whale and Sawyer had fun making muddy leaf piles every few feet. The chickens enjoyed the company but made a point of staying clear of the mud piles.


I realized the other day that it really was nearing the middle of November so I brought out the box of winter books that have been waiting all spring, summer, and fall to be looked at again. We spent the afternoon reading through them, putting them away, and then bringing them back out again. And while the boys were busy flipping pages, I went around and boxed away all the spring and summer books until next year.

Some of our favorite winter books are the Little House on the Prairie books for young kids. We have Sugar Snow, Winter Days in the Big Woods, and Winter on the Farm... and we LOVE them. We also love Apple Tree Christmas and The Snowy Day (anything by Ezra Jack Keats!). And I've ordered a few more to add to the 'winter' collection that will be here soon.

What are some of YOUR favorite winter books?



tonia said...

i was going to say "stopping by woods..." but i see you have it on your order list already. :)

we also love any of the wind in the willows stories...there are some variations for younger kids. and tasha tudor's corgi christmas ones.

Adam and Raechell said...

I love the pics in this post. Also, what a great idea to put away books based on seasons. I don't think I've really ever had season books for our girls and so it never occurred to me to do this. Lovely idea! :)

Anonymous said...

The boys love the seasonal books - it is like opening a familiar but new present each year.

As far as my favorite winter book as a kid, I would have to say the hardback picture book of "The Empire Strikes Back" - Does that count?


Adam and Raechell said...

JC-Hey, in our home it does! :p
That's why I thought it was such a beautiful idea.
I just put away summer buckets & beach toys, they've been riding bikes and roller blades for the Fall. Sleds & igloo building supplies for the winter will be coming out again soon. Fun moments of childhood that celebrate the seasons.
I love these types of posts. It is motherhood wisdom being shared!
Good job Andrea! :)