Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaving Fall behind

When I walked outside this morning to feed the chickens I noticed that I was walking on layers of wet soggy leaves which means I should be out there right now raking all of them up instead of sitting here on the couch drinking my hot chai tea latte. Tomorrow, maybe. Oh and we moved the chicken coop from one side of the yard to the other. Now it's under our plum tree... we love it there so much better and I think the chickens do too.

The boys are enjoying the last little bit of autumn when there's a quick break in the rain. Last week, Ian and I snuck out several times in the afternoon, when Jeremy was home and Sawyer was still napping, searching for piles of dried leaves to jump in wishing we had a maple tree of our own.

The chickens love the rain though. They love hiding for cover and then searching for bugs in the aftermath.

We are getting eggs every day now and just last night we found an egg from Ginger who was the last one yet to lay. I was trying not to worry but after what happened to Emmaline I was getting a bit nervous. Thankfully, her first egg laying experience seems to be a success. Here's a little bundle from our fridge: Guinevere lays the darker brown eggs, Willow lays the light brown eggs, and Ginger laid the green one. (Ginger is an Easter Egger and her eggs look like they've been dipped in food coloring.) Beautiful aren't they?


Happy election day! Get out and vote if you haven't already!

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Annagrace said...

I tried to comment earlier and couldn't. Just wanted to say that Pea and I made a special dinner with the eggs you brought us and she still talks about the pretty eggs and whose chickens they came from. Love, love, love the new blog look--it looks like you :) See you soon...

Linda said...

I am having a real problem leaving my way too long comment. I'm just going to give this another try. If it works, I'll rewrite my comment :-)

Linda said...

Yippee!! As I was saying....I love getting a little glimpse into your life. This is the time of year I miss living in the little farming communtity in upstate NY where we lived for five years. I loved visiting my friend's farm. She used to let me come with my container and get fresh milk right out of the vat before the milkman came. Wonderful!
The chickens and the falling leaves reminded me of fall there. The eggs are just lovely, the chickens sweet and those little boys even sweeter. Enjoy these days with them. They sure do go by quickly!