Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas tree hunting

On Saturday we ventured out before the storm to search for our Christmas tree. We went to a new place this time and ended up enjoying pony rides and hot cocoa as well as finding the perfect tree.

We weren't sure if Ian would ride the pony by himself but he did!

We were trying to get him to smile for the camera but he wouldn't. I think he was concentrating on not falling off.
Sawyer all bundled up because it was cold out. It had snowed earlier that morning but unfortunately none of it stuck around.

Searching for that elusive perfect tree...

Taking time out for a quick picture.

Ian told us he found the tree he wanted.

But we convinced him that we should take a little bigger one home. And here she is...

Taking advantage of all the mud before we headed in for hot cocoa.



Merredith and Bruce said...

What great family memories you're creating..... Thanks for sharing.... Love, Merredith

Adam and Raechell said...

I'm so excited! We are going to take our girls to get our Christmas tree next weekend. It will be so much fun! Thanks for sharing these. Fun, fun.

Bonnie and Fred said...

Looks like fun for everyone. Ian looks like a natural on the horse. Probably gets it from his Kentucky heritage. Love you all.