Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas surprise

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. The boys are very happy with their gifts and have spent hours playing with them today. Thank you family!

We haven't done anything today because we are still recouping. Even the simple act of posting seemed tiring but I wanted to share one picture from Christmas. The boys in their pajamas watching the snow fall outside. We were surprised and thrilled that it snowed since we weren't expecting it.

Our tree is now so crispy I worry it will turn to dust if any of us even brushes up against it. I hope tomorrow we feel rested enough to get rid of it but it's really...really...looking sad.

More pictures to come...



Adam and Raechell said...

I just love these two pics of the boys in their red pj's. They are so cute. I can not believe how big Sawyer is already. It just amazes me how fast time flies by these days. Thank you for the Christmas gifts you all sent. They were so appreciated. Our girls were playing with your gifts just yesterday afternoon. Happy New Year! Much love.

Karli said...

Hi Andrea,
I love this picture of the boys w/ their red pj's & little bare feet. It's a great picture.

Our Christmas tree didn't last, either! We got it around the 17th (late this year due to the birth), and it was ready to go up in smoke by Christmas. We took it down on the 26th, but it's kind of a waste of a $40.00! We might get a potted one for next year.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Wasn't it fun this year w/ the Ian/Samuel's age!? --Karli